Dallas Dingoes

EVERY attendee to 2021 USAFL Nationals in Austin, TX, will need to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination OR negative COVID test result. Test must be taken Oct 13, 2021 at 8am or later.

Logged in users can submit their Covid-19 vaccine/test report.  Results must be submitted online no later than 5pm Friday, October 15.

All COVID-19 reports will be expunged on October 18, 2021.

USAFL Foundation
Joanne Beatty
Nichole Galle
Erica Gross
Jenny Murphy
Matthew Anderson 4
Andrew Bartnik 4
Kyle Bass 2
Adrian Beatty
Micheal Cahill
Jeremiah Cain
Kasey Cook 14
Alexander Crampton
Callum D'Souza
Hunter Dale
Connor Dierks
Jake Dudley 4
Jay Duncan
Mike Florek
Alexander Foster 12
Jace Fredenburg 4
Conner Gillette 0
Andrew Greenwood 6
Tyson Harding 6
Nathan Hatton 2
Kevin Hayes 6
Christopher James
David Keane 2
Christian Knebel 8
Jeff Kraemer 10
Monty Lack
William Lothian 2
Thomas Magelssen 8
Zach Marschik 6
Mike Mayne
Zak McCarthy
Benjamin McIntosh
Zachary McKinney 14
John Meagher
Brian Mitchell
Benjamin Moffatt
Dylan Murray
Mark Nally 2
Kieran O Mahony
Jack O'Dell 14
Nate Ockenhouse
Cian O’Rourke 2
Marc Paz
William Reidy 0
Thomas Rowe
Clay Roy
Mytyl Salcedo 10
Adrian Speer 8
Eric Spenk 10
Craig Storer
Jason Sutherland
Rohan Teasdale
Charly Williams
Jacob Williams
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