Boston Demons

EVERY attendee to 2021 USAFL Nationals in Austin, TX, will need to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination OR negative COVID test result. Test must be taken Oct 13, 2021 at 8am or later.

Logged in users can submit their Covid-19 vaccine/test report.  Results must be submitted online no later than 5pm Friday, October 15.

All COVID-19 reports will be expunged on October 18, 2021.

Katie Anderson
Lisa Arredondo
Cailin Deal
Liss Formentin 0
Cristina Glynn
Ashley Mallat
Allison Monaghan
Alexandra Pike
Katharine Rhee
Marta Rivera
Diane Welch
Lucas Annabell 0
Samuel Barnett 0
Jason Berry
Bob Brown
Micah Burch
Ben Clark 0
John Cochenour 0
Joseph Connor
Patrick Devine 0
Ross Druckenmiller
Russell E Bader 0
Jarryd Fernandes 0
Matthew Garofalo
Geoff Hamshar 0
Michael Hickey
Jeremy Humm
Thomas Ivester
Ari Joniec
Patrick Kean
Christiaan Leyva 0
Jordan Madigan 0
Michael Mattera
Ken McCarthy 0
David Moreton
Zachary Munro
James Murphy
Matt Nelson
John Newton II
Andrew Olding
Jakob O’Meara-Gill 0
Dean Schwab
Ryan Shaw
Julian Sherwin 0
Declan Slevin
Colin Smith 0
Rory Smith
Benjamin Thivierge
Matt Wood 0
Nick Yeates
Chris Young 0
Mathew Young 0
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