Mar 23, 2002

Footy Tipping

We've launched our footy tipping for 2002 - click on the "Tipping Comp" link on the top left hand corner of this page or simply click here. Prizes will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Mar 18, 2002

USFooty Scholarship Player

Journal Entries

April 10, 2002

April 9, 2002

April 8, 2002

April 5-7, 2002

April 4, 2002

April 2, 2002

April 1, 2002

March 31, 2002

March 30, 2002

March 29, 2002

March 28, 2002

March 27, 2002

March 26, 2002

March 25, 2002

March 23/24, 2002

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Mar 18, 2002

Eastern Region Umpires Clinic

The 2002 Eastern Region Umpires and Coaches Clinic is being hosted by the Canadian Australian Football Association in conjunction with the Ontario Australian Football League, on the weekend of May 3 5 in Toronto.


The Coaches Clinic commences on Saturday May 4 at 9:00AM. The Clinic will be run by Denis Ryan and will consist of a combination of theory and practical work. Coaches who participate in the clinic will be eligible for official coaching accreditation.

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Mar 18, 2002

International Footy Article

Read John Jelley's latest article on International Footy on website.

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Mar 18, 2002

Plugger in the News

Local Milwaukee News Station, Fox 6, recently did a special News item on
Paul "Plugger" O'Keeffe and the Milwaukee Bombers - click here to take a look at it.

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Mar 17, 2002

Second college game

Click Here to read the article about the second ever college Aussie Rules game in the US.

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Mar 11, 2002

First college game

All photos courtesy of Sefton Ipock for the Chapel Hill News

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill overcame a determined N.C.

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Mar 10, 2002

2002 Nationals

2002 Coopers United States Australian Rules National Tournament Awarded to Kansas City

[KANSAS CITY] The United States Australian Football League is pleased to announce The 2002 Coopers/USAFL National Tournament, hosted by the KC Power, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 18-20. The tournament, the leagues fifth annual national championship, will attract over a thousand players and fans from coast to coast, as well as dignitaries from Australia.

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Mar 10, 2002

National Juniors Day

The USAFL Junior Development committee is pleased to announce that May 10th 2002 will be National Juniors Day.

National Juniors Day will involve all of the USAFL senior clubs going to Elementary/Middle and High schools and conducting coaching clinics on the basics of Australian Football to the children of the United States of America. These clinics will range from 30 minute to 90 minute sessions and will include kicking, marking and handball skills that are found in the fast paced game of Australian Football.

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Mar 10, 2002

USAFL Umpire

NashvilleKangaroo going to Australia to Umpire

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Mar 9, 2002

AZAFL Metro Tournament

Descending upon an unsuspecting population, footy players from across the
continent swept into this bustling metropolis on a cool, crisp Friday

After the quick stop at the hotel these warriors of the oval paddock girded
themselves for the next days battle as any self respecting footy player
would. The tournament hotline rang time and again with the same query;


how do I get to the pub again?

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Jan 28, 2002

New York Magpies

Australia Day Party Raises over US$1,600 (AUS$3,200) for Sydney Bushfire Fund

New York City, Monday, January 28th, 2002.

An unusually warm winter night brought out the best in New York's Australian
contingent, as over 350 revelers filled Dewey's Flatiron Bar to support the
NSW Bushfire Benefit on Australia Day, Saturday January 26th. The event,
hosted by the New York Magpies Australian Rules Football Club, raised
US$1,690 (approx. AUS$3,280) to help those affected by the bushfires that
devastated vast areas around Sydney.

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Jan 25, 2002

Australia Day

A satirical look on Australia Day -

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Jan 25, 2002

AFL Media Release

The AFL todayreleasedthe fixturefor the inaugural Australian Football
International Cup, to decide the championship of Australian football
beyond the game's home shores.

Eleven teams haveconfirmed entry with the AFL's International Development
Committee forthetournament, which will be contestedin Melbourne
fromAugust 14-23 later this year--Papua New Guinea, New Zealand,
Ireland, Nauru, USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Samoa, Canada, Japan and
South Africa.

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Jan 16, 2002

2002 AFL Scholarship Player

Cincinnati Dockers' starting Ruckman, 21 year old, 6'5" 190lb, Jeremy Kraus has been

Jeremy Kraus
Jeremy Kraus leaps high. Click for larger Image
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