USAFL Board Retreat

On the weekend of January 18th, 2002, members of the USAFL board met in person at the Days Hotel by Dulles Airport in Herndon, VA. This USAFL Board retreat was the first ever and was judged a great success by the participants, including President Jon Lenicheck, Treasurer Ryan Richardson, Secretary Chris Adams, East VP Jeff Farnham, At Large Member and Founding President Paul OKeeffe, Executive Director Steve Sid Caesar, Office Manager Andrea Caesar, and Greg Everett (Junior Strategy). According to Jon Lenicheck, This is pretty much a brand new board, and so it was great for all of us to meet in person and it was wonderful to realize that we were all on the same page. I think this retreat increased the productivity of the USAFL Board tenfold!

The two-day retreat had three major objectives:

1. Start developing a mission statement and future plan for the USAFL.

2. Budget for 2002, and set up the budget process for 2003.

3. Develop an organizational chart for the USAFL.

According to Ryan Richardson, the USAFL has come to the point where it can no longer be run by one person on a part-time basis. Important decisions need to be delegated to different Board members and employees. However, with the decision making power, there needs to be responsibility, budget restrictions and checks. Retreat participants made substantial progress towards a mission statement and future plan. Both will be further developed at the USAFL Administrators Conference in Phoenix, AZ in April 2002. The 2002 Budget was completed, giving the Board a much clearer picture of the USAFLs current and future financial position. Finally, the organizational chart was completed. This organizational chart shows how major responsibilities are distributed amongst the Executive Board:

Game Development Chris Adams

Umpire Rob Kelly

Coach Denis Ryan

Juniors Paul OKeeffe

Grade School Greg Everett

University Paul OKeeffe

External Development Jon Lenicheck

Sponsorship Sid Caesar

Media Jon Lenicheck

Advertising/Marketing Jon Lenicheck

Business Development Sid Caesar

E-Commerce Matt Muller

Web Matt Muller

Footy Store Andrea Caesar

National Tournament System Sid Caesar

Nationals Sid Caesar

Regional Tournament System Paul OKeeffe

Administration Ryan Richardson

Administrators Conference Andrea Caesar

501c3 Jon Lenicheck

Legal Todd McIntosh

Finance Ryan Richardson

Staff Jon Lenicheck

League Presidents Council Jon Lenicheck

International Paul OKeeffe

AFL Liaison Rich Mann

AFL Paul OKeeffe

Revolution Paul OKeeffe

Australian Committee Rich Mann

N. America Paul OKeeffe, Greg Everett

School Exchange Chris Adams

AFL Exchange Denis Ryan

Atlantic Alliance Paul OKeeffe

International Cup Committee Rich Mann

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- Chris Adams - Secretary

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