Introducing USAFL International Program

The USAFL is announcing the formation of a coordinated USAFL International Program

Over the past several years, the USAFL’s International teams have been highly impacted by Covid and the long fallout since 2020. On top of this, the International Cup, which was the center of the International Calendar, has been delayed four times. The AFL has recently made the decision to take IC24 off the calendar. Without an= future International Cup on the calendar, and with no guarantee it will be held in the future, the USAFL felt that now was the time to act and plan our own path forward towards developing our own multi-year international calendar of events and games. This will include trips to Australia in 2024 and 2026.

The USAFL is developing the structure necessary to support multiple international teams. This will include a Management team, which will report to the USAFL Board, and a holistic Football Department similar to models used by clubs in Australia.

The intent to separate management and administrative activities from player development activities. This will put the Player Experience at the middle of the model and allow the coaching staff to focus on coaching. To support the player experience and to spread the volunteer workload a number of existing and new positions will be advertised via an Open Expression of Interest for which we encourage all interested persons to apply to continue to support the growth, development and success of the program.

  • International Programs General Manager: Lead the day to day management of the USAFL International Program
  • Travel Coordinator: Plan each trip, especially the 2024 trip to Australia
  • Operations Manager: Coordinates all supplies for the International Program from Kits to balls to cones
  • Medical Team: Focused on the health and injury prevention and recovery for the Program
  • Fitness and Strength Team: Focused on fitness and conditioning across the Program
  • Skills Development: Focused on player skill development throughout the Program
  • Data Analytics Team: Develop simple and meaningful analytics that support the International Program Football Strategy
  • Freedom and Revolution Head Coach: Select, train, and oversee the growth and development of the players and Assistant Coaches
  • Freedom And Revolution Assistant Coaches: Responsible for the development and performance of a specific group of players (e.g.; Mids, Forwards, Defenders)
  • Liberty and Revolution Reserves Coach: Responsible for the development and performance of the Reserves team

Over the coming months a new USAFL International Program General Manager will be selected to lead the day-to-day activities of the Program.

Once the General Manager has been identified, the remaining Management and Football Department roles will be selected. If you are interested in a role look for the applications announcements on 

To lead the development of this new structure, the USAFL Executive Board has asked Paul “Plugger” O’Keeffe to lead the International Programs. Paul was the founding President of the League and the first manager of the Revolution from 1999 to 2022, which included the first International Cup and is the current Chair of the USAFL Foundation. Paul will report directly to the USAFL Board.

 We believe now is the perfect time to reset the International Programs and look forward to a successful next few years for the International Teams.

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