USAFL Accreditation Resources

USAFL Accreditation Resources

The following are USAFL recognized accreditations and are recommended for all members of the USAFL to help enhance understanding of the game of Australian Rules and associated safety.  Any questions related to these should be directed to the following:



Coaching Accreditation

Coaching accreditation for the USAFL follows the current AFL coaching pathways as described on the CoachAFL website (see The CoachAFL online Foundation Coaching courses are suitable for all levels including beginners and first time coaches. They replace the previous level 1 accreditation and cover junior, youth or senior coaching.

The USAFL is looking to continue its partnership with CoachAFL in 2020 and provide ALL USAFL MEMBERS access to this important online learning platform to develop their coaching skills and earn accreditation. Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the USAFL is currently working with the AFL to again establish FREE CoachAFL access for USAFL members for 2020, which we hope to confirm shortly. In the meantime, we are encouraging all interested USAFL members to complete this registration form: 

USAFL CoachAFL Registration Form (link)

Even if you were a CoachAFL member in 2019, you will need to register again for access in 2020.
DO NOT register directly at as you will be charged $50. Please complete the form above.

Those who register will be set up with a CoachAFL membership account (once the AFL confirms free USAFL member access) giving them access to the following:

  • An online coaching profile (that can be updated at any time)
  • Online Foundation Accreditation Course – coaches receive a certificate
  • Short, online courses that can help coaches grow their knowledge
  • Access to hundreds of exclusive videos and articles from AFL coaches
  • A Library of over 200 training activities

Once registered with a CoachAFL account, you are deemed to have commenced the USAFL Coaching accreditation process. On completion of the online course, please email your certificate to the USAFL Coaches Association at, at which point you are deemed a Foundation (formerly Level 1) coach.

Umpiring Accreditation

Umpiring accreditation information for new or progressing umpires is located on the USAFLUA website via the following link:

A club member or affiliate actively pursuing USAFL umpiring accreditation will be deemed to have commenced the accreditation process once they complete their theoretical component of the process, thereby achieving Level 0 USAFL Umpiring accreditation (USAFL only).  This can be done at the following site:

It is $15AUD, takes 2-3 hours and requires successful completion of a brief exam. When completed, please send your certificate via email to the USAFL Umpire Coach at (your certificate is sent to your email in 24 hours following completion).

Evidence of successful completion must be provided (copy of certificate) to the USAFL Umpires Association to demonstrate completion to gain Level 0 USAFL Umpiring Accreditation.

Concussion Accreditation

The USAFL has adopted the concussion accreditation process administered by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).  For more information about this organization visit

FREE concussion accreditation courses are available at the following website applicable to contact sports in the USA.  You will need to register for an account with NFHS before you can sign up for a course via the link below:

Once you have completed the accreditation please send an electronic copy of the certificate to: to gain USAFL Concussion Accreditation.

USAFL Concussion Protocol 

Introduced in 2019, the USAFL Concussion Protocol which is consistent with the training and advice administered by NFHS, provides information about how to manage concussion in the USAFL for Players, Coaches and Umpires.  

The Protocol can be accessed via these links>>   Players  | Coaches  | Umpires

AFL Concussion Guidelines

Additional information specific to AFL can be found on the AFL Community website:

The AFL Community Concussion Guidelines can be found at the following location:

Other NFHS Resources

Other resources/courses from NFHS (

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