USA Freedom Announced for IC14

The USAFL is very excited to announce the Freedom and Liberty squads that will be making their way to Melbourne, Australia this August. The Freedom squad is made up of 28 ladies that will be playing in the AFL International Cup. The Liberty includes 22 players set to compete against regional Melbourne teams including the Bendigo Thunder and the St. Albans Spurs.

The attendance at the Houston training camp this past February far exceeded expectations. The training camp showcased strong talent and numbers, with 57 ladies (representing every team in the league) contending for positions on the Freedom or Liberty squad. “It was a tough call for the selectors to make but we went with the squad that we firmly believe will give us the best shot at achieving IC glory in August. We are taking 17 new players in the IC14 from 2011 and 36 new players in the overall squad, what a fantastic effort by all the players concerned. We have 14 returning players which is a great feat as well,” stated Leigh Barnes, head coach of the Freedom and Liberty squads. With eight regional teams represented in the Freedom, it is a strong indication of growth and development across the country. Players have been pooled from not only well established clubs but newcomers to the league alike.

We would like to congratulate all of the players selected to represent our great country this year:

USA Freedom

Melissa Armstrong - Arizona Hawks
Alexa Blatnick - Sacramento Suns
Brette Brower - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Andrea Casillas - New York Magpies
Taylor Davidson - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Sarah Edwards Rohner - Denver Bulldogs
Jessica Estrada - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Jessica Gray - Denver Bulldogs
Jessie Hazen - Denver Bulldogs
Kim Hemenway - New York Magpies
Lindsey Hestand - Arizona Hawks
Cathrine Hoha - Minnesota Freeze
Kari Johnson - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Lindsey Kastenek - Denver Bulldogs
Becky Kraft - Minnesota Freeze
Marie LaVictoire - Minnesota Freeze
Hallie Lee - Denver Bulldogs
Julie Marks - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Siobhan McHale - New York Magpies
Alexandra Mims - Baltimore Washington Eagles
Diana Paasch - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Lissa Regets - New York Magpies
Emily Riehl - Boston Demons
Lauren Shelton - Minnesota Freeze
Courtney Sherman - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Karen Stablein - Baltimore Washington Eagles
Judith Stein - Baltimore Washington Eagles
Holly Teufel - Boston Demons

USA Liberty

Lisa Arredondo - Boston Demons
Haley Carter - Austin Crows
Yani Castillo - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Tiffany Chen - Sacramento Suns
Courtney Church - Arizona Hawks
Lizzy Even - Minnesota Freeze
Catherine Georgiadis - Minnesota Freeze
Lauré Kwoka - Sacramento Suns
Jessica Lund - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Colleen MacNab - Denver Bulldogs
Kaitlyn Mascher - Denver Bulldogs
Helen Meier - Free Agent
Helen Mondia - Sacramento Suns
Nafla Poff - Minnesota Freeze
Victoria Schoennagel - Sacramento Suns
Heather Serpico - New York Magpies
Emily Smuder - Minnesota Freeze
Brianne Theisen - Minnesota Freeze
Terri Tupper - Minnesota Freeze
Alison Vorsatz - New York Magpies
Vanessa Welker - Arizona Hawks
Tishe Williams - San Francisco Iron Maidens


Autumn Ervin - New York Magpies
Nicole Fasula - Arizona Hawks
Tara Salmon - San Francisco Iron Maidens
Jess Whisney - Minnesota Freeze

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