Freedom Set for Clash with Rivals from North of the 49th Parallel

In preparation for the 49th Parallel Cup in Dublin, Ohio on August 4, the USA Freedom held their annual training camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the weekend of June 15-17. There was a great turn out by women from all across the USA with many returning players from the 2011 International Cup squad and a number of new faces.

“Thanks to each and every player that made it to Minneapolis for the training camp, what a blast it was to be back training, playing and socializing as the mighty Freedom,” said Leigh Barnes, Freedom Head Coach, “now we move our focus to the actual game itself, the 49th Parallel Cup against Canada”.

Both the Freedom and Revolution will have the opportunity to field a second ‘development’ team as well as the main squad at this year's Cup, giving more players the opportunity for exposure to footy at this level.

49th Parallel Cup 2012“It will be a fabulous weekend of footy and players of all levels will benefit from the event”, said Barnes. “It was an extremely hard job for the coaching staff to pick the squads due to the geographical diversity of the players. We set a number of protocols prior to the training camp and these have been taken into account as well as past history and knowledge of players as a basis and guide to picking the team. Congratulations to all members of the Freedom squads, I look forward to seeing you all in Dublin and to continue our push to be number 1 at the 2014 International Cup.” he stated.


Amy Bishop Sacramento Suns
Becky Kraft Minnesota Freeze
Beth Nollenberger Orange County Bombers
Brianne Theisen Minnesota Freeze
Catherine Hoha Minnesota Freeze
Courtney Church Arizona Lady Hawks
Drea Casillas New York Magpies
Eileen Geoghegan Baltimore Washington Eagles
Emily Reihl Boston Demons
Hallie Lee Denver Bulldogs
Helen Meier Free Agent
Jessica Estrada San Francisco Iron Maidens
Jessie Hazen Denver Bulldogs
Judith Stein Baltimore Washington Eagles
Karen Stablein Baltimore Washington Eagles
Kristina Calvillo Boston Demons
Lara Porter Denver Bulldogs
Lindsay Kastanek Denver Bulldogs
Lizzy Even Minnesota Freeze
Marie La Victoire Minnesota Freeze
Milli Bruce San Francisco Iron Maidens
Monica Rasocha Denver Bulldogs
Siobahn McHale New York Magpies
Susie Ohle Denver Bulldogs


Alison Vorsatz New York Magpies
Autumn Ervin New York Magpies
Christina Licata New York Magpies
Dionne Jones Free Agent
Eileen Hansen Boston Lady Demons
Emily Ricotta Baltimore Washington Eagles
Erin Sheaffer Sacramento Suns
Janell Myers Denver Bulldogs
Kim Hemenway New York Magpies
Nicola Blaha Boston Lady Demons
Nicole Fasula Arizona Lady Hawks
Sarah Plummer Columbus Jillaroos
Vanessa Ortiz-Welker Arizona Lady Hawks

“The weekend will be all about the development and progression of women’s football in the US and the continued growth of the Freedom program. Having the chance to have a second game is invaluable and exciting. Both games will be used to aid in the selection process and development of the Freedom teams for the  International Cup in 2014,” he concluded.

Interested in getting a taste of International Footy?

There are a few opportunities available with the B Squad for anyone wishing experience playing for the Freedom. Coaching staff will utilize both games to aid in the selection process of the Freedom teams going forward. Anyone wishing to participate in the B-Squad match should contact Leigh Barnes, Head Coach.

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