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Milwaukee Business Journal

Check out the article about the growth of Australian Rules Football in the US. In particular about the great effort from the founding president, Paul O'Keeffe.
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- Milwaukee Business Journal

World Cup 2002

The IAFC are currently planning to host the World Cup of Aussie Rules in Melbourne, Australia in 2002. Details are yet to be finalised with the proposal still being drawn up. you can get more details at their website. You can also view the official response from the USAFL here

- Matthew Muller

Presidents Welcome

Rich Mann - President USAFL
Rich Mann - USAFL President

Welcome to the newly updated WebSite. Thanks to our webmaster,
Matt Muller of Seattle, we are up and running again. This site is the focal

New AFL Study

Checkout The Age website for a very interesting article on a study that the AFL will be doing on its players. It has some interesting stuff on a Time & Motion study. Check it out at The Age

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AllBalls visit the USAFL

After two visits to the States in 1999, we can say Aussie Rules is alive and well and looking to build on an impressive start. In January this year we caught up with the Denver Bulldogs and more recently in October with the Geelong Football Club of Seattle. See more at the allballs site.

- Mark Seymour

call Oz for 11cents/min

Check out the new Telegroup Rates here

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(5) Article

Check out the article on the website at

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