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Since the inception of the hugely successful Telegroup phone sponsorship
deal, the USAFL has generated $1,700 in commissions for its member clubs.
Thanks must go to Andre Rosenburg of Telegroup for starting and running the
program, Cameron Murray, USAFL Treasurer, for keeping track of the funds and
Matthew Muller, National Webmaster, for setting up the infrastructure
through for this program to take place.

The program works by giving half of the normal comission that the company
agent would reap, back to the USAFL club that generated that phone bill. The
USAFL doesn't retain any of the monies, it simply keeps track of the
accumulating commissions and then sends the clubs a check for the
appropriate amount, when the club commissions hit a specified level.

A perfect case in point is the story of the Milwaukee Bombers, who have paid
for their USAFL dues for the past two years purely from their Telegroup
commissions. A number of other clubs are rapidly catching on the benefits.

The USAFL Board encourages ALL clubs and their members to take advantage of
this great plan. This is just one other way that the USAFL is working to
help its member clubs to earn money and become more financially stable.

Just click on the link from and SIGN UP TODAY!

Best regards,

Richard Mann

USAFL President

- Rich Mann - USAFL President

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