San Antonio Football Club


The San Antonio Football Club has announced a new team name for 2001.
The club, which had been operating as the SAFC, is now known as the San Antonio Diablos. In
addition, the Diablos (Spanish for demon/devil) also unveiled their imposing new logo.

Designed by the San Antonio graphic design firm, Clockwork Design, the logo features a fear-some
looking demon clutching a football. The bold icon is accented with a unique team color
scheme, incorporating: dark purple, maroon, red, and orange.

Clockwork Design created the current USFooty logo and has created many team logos for the
Sixman Football League.

The club is excited about the potential the new image has to offer and hope that it will make a
powerful recruitment as well. This image will soon make its debut on the Diablos website,

- Steve Gaines

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