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2023 AFL Grand Final Watch Parties

Australia loves its sport.  It loves its parties.  And it knows how to throw on a sport party. 

The Women's World Cup was a blast from beginning to end, rugby and cricket are always events, and even tournaments and championships at the local level are full of the flavor that comes with it.

But there isn't quite anything like the AFL Grand Final.  Pageantry, tradition, buzz, you name it.  Every year since 1898 (barring 1924 for reasons you can google), the league champions have been decided by the one ultimate game.

2022 AFL Grand Final Viewing Parties

It's been three years since the Melbourne Cricket Ground has hosted the AFL men's Grand Final.  It's been a long time, but Australia's big game has come home.

More than 100,000 fans will jam the grand old ground to see who will be the 2022 AFL men's Premiers, the climax of a season of exciting play, and the high point of a week filled with color, tradition, and festivities.  From the Grand Final parade to the Grand Final sprint and an assortment of random bands, there's something in it for everyone.

Grand Final Day in America 2021

Each year, like clockwork, the eyes of Australia fall upon a grand Colosseum and the gladiators within.

Sometimes that clock chimes in October, but the familiar tones occur in September.  And usually, that Colosseum is the gargantuan MCG.

This year, the eyes of the Aussie Rules world will be fixed on the jewel on the Western Australian Coast, Perth, and the spectacle that is the 125th AFL Grand Final Game.

2019 AFL Grand Final Viewing Parties

It has gone from humble beginnings to the most important day on the Australian Sporting Calendar.  It is a day full of color, pageantry, excitement, and some of the best the great game of Australian Rules Football has to offer.

The AFL Grand Final has been played every year (bar one) since 1898.  They even replayed it a couple of times (three, actually) when it ended in draws.  True Story.  100,000 will pack the Melbourne Cricket Ground, just as they have for the past century, to see who will leave as this year's premiers.

2018 AFL Grand Final Viewing Parties

For the 122nd time, two clubs will come together in front of 100,000-plus people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to determine who will be premiers of the Australian Football League for 2018.

Led by American Mason Cox, the Collingwood Magpies make their league leading 42nd Grand Final appearance, attempting to win their 16th Premiership.  Standing in their way is Josh Kennedy and the West Coast Eagles, in their seventh Grand Final looking for flag number four.

2016 AFL Grand Final Viewing Parties

From its humble beginnings as the final match of the 1898 VFL season, to the grand spectacle that is planned for this year's edition, the AFL Grand Final has become the most anticipated event of the Australian sports calendar.  After six months of play, eighteen teams will have been whittled down to just two to fight it out at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to determine who will be crowned AFL Premiers for season 2016.

2015 AFL Grand Final Viewing Parties

On Friday night, October 2nd, (US Time) the Super Bowl of Aussie Rules football will take place.  The Hawks will try to three-peat as premiers, while the Eagles will go for their first flag in nine years. 

Fans from all over the world will be tuning in, and you can too.  Support your local club and join them as the biggest day of the footballing calendar commences from the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The game will be shown live on Fox Soccer Plus and WatchAFL, with first bounce at 12:30am EDT (Saturday).  Below are a listing of USAFL clubs who are hosting Grand Final watch parties.  Clubs whose parties are not listed can submit them here to be added to the list.  

You can also find parties across the USA, North America and the world by visiting AFL Grand Final Overseas Party Finder and the Australian Football Association of North America's Grand Final Page.

Can't make it out to watch the game?  Get an AFL Global Grand Final Pass and catch every second live.

AFL Grand Final Night Viewing Parties

On Friday night, September 26th, (US Time) a new AFL Premier will be crowned.  Support your local club and join them as the biggest day of the footballing calender commences from Melbourne.  The game will be shown live on Fox Sports Plus and WatchAFL, with first bounce at 12:30am EDT (Saturday).  Inside is a listing of USAFL clubs who are hosting Grand Final watch parties.

New York AFL Grand Final Party

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