Learn, Play, Live Australian Rules Football!

Welcome to my blog...I am Lara Porter from the Denver Bulldogs. I am very excited to be headed down to Australia to play in Brisbane with the Yeronga Devils. My journey began in August when I had the opportunity to represent the USA on The Freedom team in Melbourne and Sydney at the 2011 IC (International Cup). I began conversations with Leigh Barnsey, USA Freedom Coach, about my desire to come back to Australia and play with an actual Australian team and how much I could learn. Barnsey was a great supporter of the idea.

In January I contacted Barnsey with a more serious interest in pursuing the idea. Through Barnsey I made contact with the Yeronga Devils in Brisbane. They have graciously welcomed me into the club. I’d like to give a shout out to Sandra Whitehead, Tami Dunn, Jordan Birchall, Kate Lutkins and many others who have been helping me to prepare from half way around the world… I look forward to meeting these people. Kate Lutkins has opened her home to me and shown me great support as I prepare to head down to Brisbane.

I have finished up my year as a teacher and will be hopping on a plane Saturday. I wanted to maximize my time to learn and soak in Brisbane footy. After a brief visit to San Francisco where I will catch up with Leigh Barnsey and Millie Bruce for some final pointers I will be off on my adventure. I will be keeping a blog of my adventure and hope that you will tune in periodically to see what I’m up to. I hope that future years we will have more women coming and going between the countries to continue to promote this great sport. Talk to you soon….

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