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EVERY attendee to 2021 USAFL Nationals in Austin, TX, will need to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination OR negative COVID test result. Test must be taken Oct 13, 2021 at 8am or later.

Logged in users can submit their Covid-19 vaccine/test report.  Results must be submitted online no later than 5pm Friday, October 15.

All COVID-19 reports will be expunged on October 18, 2021.

USAFL Foundation
Division I
Pool A
Orange County Giants33001611351221120
Denver Bulldogs312011736211744
Austin Crows3120958966044
Minnesota Freeze3120646815644
Pool B
New York Magpies Men33001712128432120
Calgary Kangaroos3210171164029080
Golden Gate Roos31204261172240
Dallas Dingoes30302251032400
Division II
Pool A
Los Angeles Dragons33002717624733120
Quebec Saints321013926613980
Baltimore Washington Eagles31209591254740
Nashville Kangaroos30305391512500
Pool B
Columbus Cats3300138031258120
Houston Lonestars3210181244328880
Chicago Swans31206431064040
Boston Demons3030322892400
Division III
Pool A
Sacramento Suns3201127836216100
Cincinnati Dockers32101174789480
Des Moines Roosters3111546489560
New York Magpies Men3030856926000
Pool B
Philadelphia Hawks33002114229489120
Calgary Kangaroos321012925616480
Portland Steelheads3120645964640
Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids30307481463200
Division IV
Pool A
Denver Bulldogs Reserves33002516644377120
Tulsa Buffaloes321011866313680
Minnesota Freeze B31208601424240
Houston Lonestars30309611244900
Pool B
North Carolina Tigers330027184181022120
Atlanta Kookaburras3210161088712480
Milwaukee Bombers31208511244140
Columbus Cats30305361502400
Pool A
Denver Lady Bulldogs33001510616662120
Calgary Kookaburras3210141091957380
Montreal Angels31209723421140
Minnesota Freeze White303001219000
Pool B
San Francisco Iron Maidens330096716700120
Minnesota Freeze Women321012821363080
New York Magpies Women3120216861840
Sacramento Lady Suns3030110751300
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