Arizona Hawks Unveil New Logo

Arizona Hawks

The Arizona Hawks have used several logos in their 12-year history, none of which were original to the team. The goal of the Club was to design a new logo and a completely unique and original look for the Arizona Hawks. The Club wanted something that related strongly to the State of Arizona and also kept ties to their affiliate AFL club, the Hawthorn Hawks.

The brown and gold in the logo represent the traditional colors of the Hawthorn AFL team, while the rays shooting from the center of the logo represent the sunshine and heat in Arizona (100 days a year over 100F/40C). The Hawk in the center signifies the new team mascot and doubles as a star to mimic the star on the Arizona State flag. The logo is confined in a shield to represent strength and commitment.

The designer of the logo was Josh Richardson, a player for the Arizona Hawks.  Josh is an Australian living in the US and he is a graphic designer by trade and has designed several logos and jerseys for USAFL teams.  Please check out Josh’s website for more information.

The new logo is the first stage of a re-branding effort by the Club to put a fresh image on their team and to help market the Club both in Arizona and Australia (nearly 400 fans on their Facebook page, with a third being from Australia who are supporters of the Hawthorn Hawks).  The new team website should be updated and going live within 2 weeks.  Their current website hasn’t had much updating in the past 3 years and through support from the community and sponsorship, the revamping of the exiting webpage ( will bring up to date content and information to their fans and supporters.

“We will be able to update live scores from our games from my phone directly to the team website” said Club President Darren Toohey.  He further added, “this sort of technology is something many professional teams would like to have and as an amateur team we are excited with the new changes.  We will also be able to link our Facebook page, Twitter and webpage together to deliver consistent and exciting information to our players and fans, something people have been asking for.”

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