It's Footy Time!

Just some last minute reminders about Nationals:

The office in Denver will be closed from Wed Oct 7-Tuesday Oct 12.

Anyone who has not provided proof of Nationality (if American team proof of USA Born or if Canadian team proof of Canada born), will need to bring their passports or birth certificate and photo id to Nationals. All players who have provided proof this year and has a confirmation from me will only need a photo id for check in.

Check in is 6pm-11pm Friday night and 8am-11am Saturday morning. The lines on Saturday will be long so check in Friday if possible. You may not play until you check in and get stamped!

THERE WILL BE NO CHECKS ACCEPTED AT NATIONALS. This goes for registration and merchandise/food. We will accept cash or credit card. There is an ATM at the hotel!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and hope this weekend goes well!


- League Administrator

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