2009 iPhone Application


October 1, 2009 - The USAFL and Tripleknot Enterprises, Inc. are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Official USAFL Nationals

2009 iPhone Application! The application will allow players and fans alike to track the status of their favorite teams throughout the Nationals 2009! Links to information about unique rules for Nationals and other footy resources are included. USFootynews.com provided the news for the application as well! Its a great place for friends, family and rivals to track your team!

"The Tripleknot Enterprises USAFL Nationals 2009 Application is a significant advance for US Footy and opens the door to an endless array of technological solutions that can help overcome the communication issues the league faces. - Matt Bishop, US Revolution Coach"

For more information see the iTunes store here:

http://tinyurl.com/yehgecm   or  go to http://www.tripleknot.com/Applications.html


- League Administrator

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