USAFL International Program Announces Role Additions

The USAFL is excited to announce the formation of the USAFL International Program Football Department. A number of these role are new to the International Program set-up. The Football Department will work together to bring the best of the USAFL to the international arena. These roles will report to the International Program General Manager, Cari Greving. The Interview Panel, which included current and former players, were very impressed with all the applicants. This team has an amazing capacity to put the USAFL at the forefront of the international game.

  • Freedom Head Coach: Andrew Donlen
  • Revolution Head Coach: Kyle Strenski
  • Skills Development Lead: Jason Becker
  • Data Analytics Lead: Chris Adams
  • Medical Lead: Ashley Twyman
  • Fitness Lead: Christian Dawson

Over the coming weeks we will profile each person on so you get to know them, their background, and vision for the USAFL International Program.

The Leadership will be available during the weekend and we have planned a special open house at Tournament Central on Saturday at 11:30; 2:30 and 4:30. Please, if you see each person at Nationals congratulate them on their new positions.

- Paul “Plugger” O’Keeffe, USAFL International Program Director
- Cari Greving, USAFL International Program General Manager

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