Freedom and Revolution 25th Anniversary Teams

The top of the USAFL grassroots development pyramid is to be selected to represent your country. The USA is proud that our International Programs include a Men’s and Women’s team. For the men the USA Revolution is the ultimate goal. On the Women’s side we have the USA Freedom. Each team also has a Reserves team. In the case of the Women the team has been named the USA Liberty. This means, at any one time, we can have over 100 players in the International Program. To be a member of either team you must been born in America.

For the 25th we selected the best of the best to represent the Revolution and Freedom, along with a coaching and support staff that have helped build the overall program.

There is nothing quite marching out on the MCG behind the Stars and Stripes as part of the International Cup Parade of Nations. It truly is the pinnacle of the sport in the US.

Congratulations to everyone selected. You have not only played excellent football to be selected to represent your country, but you have also represented the USA with pride.

We look forward to the next 25 years as the International Program continues to grow.


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