25th Anniversary Umpire Teams

Last week we were proud to announce the 25th Anniversary Select teams representing the best players at Nationals. As we all know you cannot play a game without Umpires so this week we are excited to share the four Select Umpiring test that match up with each Nationals Select Team.

Each Umpiring Crew is made up of three central umpires, two goal umpires, and four boundaries.

In addition, every team needs a Coach and Brian Green was selected as the Umpires Coach.

These 37 Umpires represent what is great and special about our game. Umpiring can be a thankless task, but they take the field as a unit and show exceptional calm and poise as they do their work on the field.

A big thank you goes out to every person that has umpired a game in the USAFL over the last 25 years. Whether it be a Divy 1 Grand Final or a club metro game. Without you the game does not go ahead.  

When you are at Nationals this year drop by the Umpires tent and say Thank You. And take special notice of the ‘Esprit de Corps’ among the umpires. You will see that they truly are a team, just like when you take the field with your mates.  

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