Life Membership Nominations Open

The nomination process for USAFL Life Members for the 25th Anniversary year is now open. The nomination process is open until August 15.

The new Life Members will be announced at the USAFL 25th Anniversary Gala on Thursday October 13th at the Ontario Convention Center. Life Members are selected based on a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the game of Australian Football at a National level, taking into consideration a candidate’s individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character.

It is recommended that the individual has been involved for ten years within the league to be eligible. In addition, service should be to the USAFL as a national competition. Local teams have their own life memberships and halls of fame and service focused locally at the club level should be recognized by that club. A player, coach, umpire, administrator, or media representative involved at the national Level of United States Australian Football League may be eligible for induction. The current members of the USAFL Hall of Fame make up the selection committee.

Please, submit your nominations now so that we can continue to recognize the people who make the USAFL special.

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