USAFL Nationals Returns to Austin


Austin, TX – The largest Australian Football event of the year (and the biggest Australian football tournament in the world!), the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) National Championships brings together clubs and teams from across America to compete for the Men’s First through Fourth Division titles and Women’s First and Second Division titles. The tournament will take place at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex in south Austin throughout the weekend of October 16 – 17.

Over 40 teams and 1,000 of the nation’s best “footy” players will head to Texas’ capital city, the Live Music Capital of the World. Total attendance is estimated near 2,000, and this event will generate over $1.5 million in economic impact for Austin. This will be the fourth time that USAFL has hosted its National Championship in Austin; previous years were 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Austin is home to USAFL powerhouse the Austin Crows. The Crows are the reigning Men’s Division 1 Premiers and have won five of the past seven Division 1 titles, including the past two. The club’s success is expected to draw some crowds for this year’s contest as they seek a three peat. On the women’s side the San Francisco Iron Maidens are seeking their fifth consecutive Division 1 title.

“Austin is thrilled to welcome back the USAFL and the more than 1,000 participating athletes,” said Drew Hays, Director of the Austin Sports Commission. “The opportunity to host an event of this caliber in Austin is something we look forward to and anticipate it will be a memorable experience for all involved.”

Doren James, USAFL Executive Director adds, “The USAFL, its players and fans are looking forward to returning to action this year. In this time of uncertainty, we are pleased to be able to return to familiar surroundings. We hosted the 2011, 2013 and 2015 Championships in Austin and each event was a great success. We are excited to see and experience all the developments throughout the city since 2015. We are grateful for the partnership with the Austin Sports Commission over the past decade and know they will be great partners again in helping us to deliver another memorable tournament for our players and fans.”

What is Australian Football? 

First, it is not rugby. Australian Football is all-encompassing involving elements of many sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball. Like soccer, players are posted at a number of positions – including forwards, wings and backs – and are allowed to kick the ball, also called the “footy,” as well as handle it with their hands. Although players have designated positions, they are free to move anywhere on the field at any point in time. 

The game is played on an oval field about twice the size of an American football field. A traditional game consists of four quarters divided into 20 minutes of playing time. The game is scored by kicking the footy through goalposts at each end of the oval. When the ball is kicked through the middle posts the goal is worth six points. When kicked through the outer posts (on either side of the middle goal) the “behind” is worth one point. 

What:      United States Australian Football League National Championships
When:       Oct. 16-17, 9am – 6pm
Where:      Onion Creek Soccer Club, 5600 E. William Cannon Drive

About the Austin Sports Commission

The Austin Sports Commission recruits, grows and retains sporting events in the greater Austin area. Sporting events continue to generate a significant economic impact for Austin. ASC works hand in hand with local organizing committees and event producers to identify potential venues, secure hotel space and, most importantly, serve as a local resource for ensuring operational success of the event. 

About the United States Australian Football League

The United States Australian Football League, founded in 1997, is an amateur, grassroots sports organization dedicated to the development of Australian Football in the United States.  The USAFL is the national governing body of Australian Football in the United States and an international affiliate of the Australian Football League (AFL). The organization is focused on the promotion and awareness of Australian Football and Aussie culture. Every October, the USAFL hosts the world’s largest Australian Football tournament. 

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