2019 USAFL Roll of Honor

The completion of every USAFL season is a time of reflection, recovery, and celebration.

For each of the clubs in the league, there is always something to celebrate.  For some, it is an improvement in on- and/or off-field growth.  For others, the gallantries involve drinking out of a championship cup or two.  Many, if not all, are celebrated at pubs that have backed these clubs financially and spiritually, and it's a chance to return the favor.

But no matter or where, how or when, the conclusion of the year allows teams big and small to recognize those who excelled.  Many of the accolades that were awarded in the colder months following the hot summer season were bestowed to those who excelled on the oval.  The highest honors are usually referred to as the Best & Fairest, or the MVP award.  In Houston, for example, they call it the Lonelow and the Ladylow, a nod to the Australian Brownlow.  The Philadelphia Hawks award the Andrew Lochhead Medal for their best players, named after the longtime coach of that club.

One player doesn't always win games on their own.  Most clubs recognize that too, hence the Most Improved, Best at each position, as well as Rookie of the Year and Rising Star awards... among others.

Of course, a club's successes aren't just measured in the act of sporting battle.  There is a lot of work off the field too, and below you'll find those clubmen and clubwomen who are integral to different aspects of the team, from media to umpiring to recruiting and everything in between.  In mostly all of these cases, these clubpeople are volunteers, taking time out of their lives and schedules to put heart, soul, and sweat into the game that they love.

As we do each year, we at USAFL.com present a list of who got to take home medals, certificates, and everything else having to do with the success of Australian Football in the USA in season 2019.  Many of these names you'll see in 2020 for club and country.  You'll see one of those -- Danielle Marshall -- playing for AFLW in about a month or so.  And, many you'll only hear about from people within the club as being like family for what they do.

Presenting, then, the 2019 USAFL Roll of Honor.


Hawks (Men's) Awards
Best and Fairest: Jason “Pony” Wilhelm
B&F Runners Up: Cillian Gowan & Ryan Marshall
Rising Star: Chris Villicana
Rookie of the Year: Hunter Rickert

Lady Hawks (Women's) Awards
Best and Fairest: Danielle Marshall
B&F Runners Up: Melissa Wilhelm & Angel Bishop
Nationals Grand Final MVP: Danielle Marshall

Club Awards
Clubman of the year: Alex Saucedo Fernandez


Best and Fairest: Ryan Downey
Best Clubman: Will McDonald
Most Improved: Kyler Johnson
Coache's Award: Kyler Johnson
Top Volunteer: Andrew Schoppe
Best at Nationals: Chase Trujillo
Goal Umpire Appreciation Award: Jeff Whitlock


Best & Fairest (Div 1): Dylan Barr & Harry Burgess (tied)
Runner Up (Div 1): Kenrick Tyrrell
Best at Nationals (Div 1): Dylan Barr

Best & Fairest (Div 3): Rob Pascolo
Runner Up (Div 3): Hamish Pellew
Best at Nationals (Div 3): Rob Pascolo

Best Clubman: Pete Pettinari
Best First Year Player: Andy Miller
Most Improved Player: Avram Rampersaud

Appreciation Award: Heather Serpico


Best & Fairest: Ian Payne & Nick Sisca (tie)
Nick Sisca Clubman of the Year: John O'Connor & Nick Sisca
Rookie of the Year: Ryan Brubaker


Men's Awards
Most Valuable Player: Ajani Crosley
Rookie of the Year: Andrew Do
Metro MVP: Christoph Odenthal
Leading Goalkicker: Stu Nicol​​​​​​​

Women's Awards
Most Valuable Player: Rebekah Quinn
Rookie of the Year: Kelsey Lawson
Most Improved: Melissa Geldmyer​​​​​​​
Best on Ground: Gena Bleyer​​​​​​​
Metro MVP: Julia Trowbridge
Leading Goalkicker: Rebekah Quinn

Club Awards
Clubman of the Year: David Martin


Best & Fairest – Derrick Shotwell​​​​​​​
Most Improved – Tyler Sasse​​​​​​​
Best First Year Player - Tyler Ebert
1 Percenter Award – Alex Rundle
Best Team Man – Patric Nordbeck​​​​​​​
Club Contribution – Cindy Rose


Men's Awards
Best and Fairest: Declan Stimson
Nationals MVPs: Clyde Simpson
Best New Players: Patrick Balchak​​​​​​​
Best Defender:  Dean Panik​​​​​​​
Best Midfielder: Declan Stimson
Best Forward: Rob Adams and Nick D'Ardenne​​​​​​​
Biggest Hits: Steven Raimo
Best Marks: Nick D'Ardenne
Most at Training: Alec Dooley
Goal of the Year: Mark McClure
Most Improved: Jay Ziegler

Women's Awards:
Best & Fairest: Katrina Scherer
Nationals MVP: Katrina Scherer
Best New Players: Kayla Kingseed​​​​​​​
Best Defender: Stephanie Shipley Snyder 
Best Midfielder: Katrina Scherer​​​​​​​
Best Forward: Stephanie McKitrick
Biggest Hits: Katrina Scherer and Nicole McClintock
Best Marks: Katrina Scherer 
Most at Training: Stephanie Shipley Snyder
Goal of the Year: Stephanie McKitrick
Most Improved: Stephanie Shipley Snyder

Club Awards:
Ridenour Cup (award for going above and beyond for the club, chosen by previous winners): Dean Panik

Voted Best Club Members:
Non-players - Kirstie Kleiner and Brittany Allison
Non-Board Members- Katrina Scherer, Alan Gardner and Ryan West
All around - Dean Panik and Stephanie Shipley Snyder


Men's Awards
Most Improved: Scott F. Williams
Best New Player: Colin Miller
Player's Player: Paul LaShier
Coach's Award: Dan Yell
Best on Ground: Matthew Woodruff

Women's Awards
Best on Ground: Kristin Lough
Most Improved: Olivia Kosciusko Tritschler​​​​​​​
Best New Player: Mackensy Medlin​​​​​​​
Player's Player: Alexandra Clayton
Coach's Award: Christina Sobral

Club Awards
Clubman of the Year: Ryan Raybould
Eagles Spirit Award: Bort Edwards
Lifetime Membership: Steve Carty
Eagles Special Recognition: Tom Barrett, Tommy Romero-Batista, Matthew Woodruff, and Olivia Kosciusko Tritschler.


Men's Seniors Awards
Best & Fairest: Thomas Crameri​​​​​​​
Rookie of the Year: Derrik Hanson
Most consistent: Daniel Duffield
Most improved: Taylor Morseth
Best at Nationals: Daniel Duffield
Coaches Award: Brad Mathers

Lady Bulldogs Awards
Best & Fairest – Val Gil
Best Rookies – Shay Sulisz, Alexandra Benitez, Dot Wheeler
Most Consistent – Alexis Koo, Zoe Do
Most Improved – Megan Larson
Best Moment at Nationals – Jessica Lin, Shay Sulisz and Jen Wilson-Humphries’ scoring play
Coaches Award – Jennifer Elliott, Toria Baker
Oscar Award – Tara Cilke, Angela Graham

Men's Reserves Awards
Best & Fairest - Brent Dowling
Rookie of the Year - James Madsen
Most Consistent - Drew Wolfe
Most Improved - Alex Johnson
Best at Nationals - Brent Dowling
Coaches Award - Daniel Kerwin


Men’s Awards

Best and Fairest Men: Peter Bailey
Most Improved Men: Derek Bixler
Rookie of the Year Men: John Flynn

Women’s Awards
Best and Fairest Women: Emily Rice
Most Improved Women: Hannah Bailey 
Rookie of the Year Women: Chloe Diskey

Clubperson of the Year: Lauren Rice


SquidLow Best & Fairest: Gerard Rutishauser
Gold Boot: Troy Taseff
Most Exciting New Player: Duncan Pullman
Best Clubman: Kyle Thomson
The Golden Wand: Jeremy Reid
Squidward Up & Coming: Anthony Colarusso
Coaches Award: Andrew Hutchins & Gregg Everett


Metro Grand Final Best on Ground: Derek Knutty​​​​​​​
The Dazzler Mark of the Year: Ryan Clark
Metro Rookie of the Year: Garrett “Lethal” Hale
The Ironmonger (Metro Most Goals): Josh Warren
Leigh Barnes Medal Metro Best and Fairest: Ryan Clark
Troy Anthony Nationals MVP: Justin Mann
USAFL Men's Division 1 Best and Fairest: Jack "JMan" Lucas

Women's Metro Rookie of the Year: Claire Colleran
The Ironmonger (Women's Metro Most Goals): Katie Klatt and Caitlin Lutz
Maidens Metro Best and Fairest: Katie Klatt​​​​​​​
Troy Anthony Women's Nationals MVP: Katie Klatt
USAFL Women's Division 1 Best and Fairest: Nikole "Mickey" Mackenzie
USAFL Women's Division 1 Grand Final MVP: Ellise "Meatball" Gallagher

True Roo: Oscar Tobar


Best and Fairest: Michael Currie
Most Improved: Torey Sanchez, David Brewer
Best First Game: Alayna Espeseth​​​​​​​
Best Forward: Alex Phipps
Best Midfielder: Ryan Smith
Best Defender: Daniel Murphy
Best Boot: Samuel Washburne​​​​​​​
Rising Star: Marin McGhee

Club Support Award: Jaki Brewer
Club Support Award, Umpiring: Jeremy Burrows, Russell Toohey 


Men’s Awards
Lonelow Champion Best Mens: Chance Mire
Club Champion Mens (Runner-Up): Zach Weikel & Lachlan McQueen (Tied)
Rising Lonestar Mens: Steven Johnson
Best First Year Mens: Alex Van Bemmelen​​​​​​​
Best at Nationals Mens: Chance Mire
MVP Mens: Carey Nolan

Women’s Awards
Lonelady Champion Best Womens” Hailey Rebar
Club Champion Womens (Runner-Up): Jackie Sparling
Rising Lonestar Womens: Michelle Noel
Best First Year Womens: Jessica Stewart & Alexa Ballinger (Tied)
Best at Nationals Womens: Hailey Rebar
MVP Womens Texas Heat: Hailey Rebar & Heather Serpico (Tied)

Club Awards
Club Appreciation Awards: Vu Truong(The Phoenix on Westheimer); Craig Dillon-Gibbons; Sherri Nolan
Best Clubperson: Jackie Sparling
Life Membership: Chris Fielder
DB Community Service Award: Nick Plaisance​​​​​​​
Max Boland Best Off-Field Award: Nic Gorzynski
Andy Craig White-line Fever Award: Andy Craig
Jerry Maguire Recruitment Award: Ryan Minmier


Best and Fairest: Hunter Bates
Most Improved/Well-Rounded: Bryan Jones
Rookie of The Year: Jon Gregory
Leading Goal-Kicker: Andrew Beh
Clubman: David Serraino-Meide


Men's Awards:
Best & Fairest - Gabe Del Campo
Runner-Up – Sam Murphy
Leading Goalkicker - Pat Nicholls
Nationals MVP – Ryan McGettigan
Most Consistent - Justin Hall
Most Courageous - David Dollar
Most Improved - Pat McGranahan
Best First Year Player - Nick Zarbo
Best Backman - Drew Loewen
Best Utility - Will Crandall
Coaches Award - Pete Momjian
Best Role Player - Freddie Schulin

Women’s Awards
Best and Fairest: Aileen Yoon
Nationals MVP: Delphina “Del” Delgadillo​​​​​​​
Rookie of the Year: Kelsey “Timmy” Casillas


Men’s Awards
Best and Fairest: Ian Robertson
Runner Up Best & Fairest: Chris Byrgiotis
Coaches Award: Bill Barton 
Rising Star: CJ Adams 
Most Improved: Ben Stephens 
Most Consistent: Zach Weaver

Women’s Awards
B&F: Catherine Georgiadis.
Runner-up B&F: Cathy Hoha.
Most Consistent: Paige Kiecker.
Nats B&F: Shereen Parsakallah.
Nats runner-up B&F: Lindsey Stene.
Rising Star: Jeri Johnson.
Most Improved: Pia Richardson.
Coaches Award: Connor Lewis.


Women’s Awards
B&F: Natalie Smith
Most Improved: Kristen Baldwin
Coaches Award: Kayla Toney

Men’s Awards
B&F: Kersei Davis
Most Improved: Cody McLain​​​​​​​
Coaches Award:  Nick Hibshman 

Club Award:
Clubman of the Year: John Freeman


Men’s Awards
Most Valuable Player, National: Nick Bowman
Most Valuable Player, Non National: Karl Schoenmaekers
Golden Boot: Adam Franklin
Golden Fist: Matt Bartlett
Coach’s Award: Troy Danilo​​​​​​​
Goal of the Year: Bobby McDowell
NYCAFL MVP: Matt Djordjevic​​​​​​​
Nationals MVP, National: Tim Arakelian
Nationals MVP, Non-National: Shane Lowry
Rookie of the Year: Adam Craver
Magpie of the Year: Isaac Martin

Women’s Awards:
Women’s Most Valuable Player: Janie Green
Women’s NYCAFL MVP: Clare Algozin​​​​​​​
Women’s Most Improved: Kyleigh Johnson
Women’s Most Consistent: Jessica Taylor
Women’s Golden Boot: Nat Wolff
Women's Golden Fist: Sam Wolf
Women’s Rookie of the Year: Siobhan McCulloch
Women’s Nationals MVP: Emma Kading​​​​​​​
Women’s Coaches' Award: Danielle Gallagher 
Women's Coaches' Award: Lara Musser​​​​​​​
Queen of Training: Danielle Gallagher
Magpie of the Year: Jessica Taylor


Best and Fairest: Erik Hanson & Dennis Kurtz
Most Improved: Brian Moy
Nationals MVP: Stu McKenzie
Rookie of the Year: Chris Weatherspoon
Coach’s choice: Matt MacIntyre
Clubman: Andy Sterlen


Best & Fairest: Hannah Alexander
Rookie of the Year: Jane Wickland
Clubwoman of the Year: Olivia Vongharath
Most Consistent: Helen Phillips
Coache's Award: Nikki Kraemer


Best & Fairest: Michael Tarascio
Best & Fairest Runner Up: Tyler Mounce
Nationals MVP: Gareth Allen
Leading Goal Kicker: Abe Chase & Gareth Allen (tie)
Goal of the Year: Tim Ellis
Enforcer of the Year: Michael Tarascio
Rookie of the year: Zach Tuccianardi
Coaches Award: Roland Garcia-Curran
Most Consistent: Alex Sandstrom
Most Improved: Jack Butler


Men’s Awards
Andrew Lochhead Medal (Best & Fairest): John Hinchen
Best Backliner: Rob Hinchen
Best Midfield: John Hinchen
Best Forward: Damien Holland
Leading Goal Kicker: Rohan Crawley
Most Improved: Dean Kakouras
Iron Man: Ted Heron
Coach’s Award: Jay Sacci
Rising Star: Justin Moldoon

Women’s Awards:
Andrew Lochhead Medal (Best & Fairest): Lindsay Turse
Best Backliner: Jackie Kershaw
Best Midfield: Erica Sacci
Best Forward: Leslie Gartner
Leading Goal Kicker: Leslie Gartner
Most Improved: Lindsay Turse
Iron Woman: Lauren Greenberg
Rising Star: Rose Stokley

Club Awards
Stu Jones Club Service Award: Drew Tyson
Clubperson of the Year: Caitlyn Frazier


Sockeyes (Women’s) Awards:
PWAFL Best & Fairest Runner Up: Simone Shepherd
PWAFL Best & Fairest: Brandy Machado
Goal of the Year: Simone Shepherd
Mark of the Year: Brandy Machado
Golden Boot: Simone Shepherd
Most Improved: Juhanna Robberts​​​​​​​
Rookie of the Year: Annabel Pirrie​​​​​​​
Most Courageous: Lauren Skonieczny
Coaches Award: Aman Weaver
Best at Nationals: Simone Shepherd
Best & Fairest Runner Up: Lucy Parrington​​​​​​​
Best & Fairest: Simone Shepherd

Steelheads (Men’s) Awards:
PAFL Golden Boot(s) - Matt Worden & Dave Quinn
PAFL Best & Fairest - Luke Mooney & Peter Doyle
PAFC Club Person of the Year - Elliot Boys
Goal of the Year - Kyle Peters
Mark of the Year - Alex McPhee
Golden Boot - Scott Waggener
Most Improved - Justin Haskill​​​​​​​
Rookie of the Year - Austin Brooks
Most Courageous - Austin Brooks
Coaches Award - Seth Crosby
Best at Nationals - Jevon Mason
Best & Fairest Runner Up - Jevon Mason
Best & Fairest - Erik Anderson


Lady Suns Awards:
Player of the Year: Rosemary Kloh
Rookie of the Year: Jenna Taipeleti
Most Improved: Sarah Breisacher
Golden Boot: Liz Danielson
Coach’s Award: Izzy Greenlatt
Nationals MVP: Jenna Taipeleti
Metro B&F: Annica Stull-Lane
Metro Inspiration Award: Keyko Torres
Metro Grand Final MVP: Annica Stull-Lane
Metro Leading Goalkicker: Erin Sheaffer & Chelsea Grant
Metro Best New Player: Jeanette Ochoa

Suns Awards:
Player of the Year: Kendall Hutchings
Most Improved: Justin Lee
Golden Boot: Colby Campbell
Coach’s Award: Robert Kwoka
Nationals MVP: Aaron Crumpacker
Metro B&F: Kelly Meriano
Metro Inspiration Award: Isaac Seckora
Metro Grand Final MVP: Kelly Meriano
Metro Leading Goalkicker: Traxel Towe
Metro Best New Player: Alex Herzfeldt

SacAFL (co-ed) Awards:
Best & Fairests: Kendall Hutchings & Jenna Taipeleti
Grand Final B&Fs: Kelly Meriano & Jenna Taipeleti
Leading Goalkickers: Chelsea Grant & Sam Doyle

Club Awards:
Bishops Award (Clubperson of the Year): Liz Danielson


Men’s Awards
“Jim Trennery” MVP: Karl McGough
Coach’s Award: James Michael Kinder 
Most Improved: Tom Mulvey 
Nationals MVP: Ed Fayette
Rookie of the Year: Akiva Gebler​​​​​​​
Defender of the Year: Saleh Tyebjee​​​​​​​
Most Courageous: Brian Flaherty
Leading Goal Kicker: Tex Edmonds

Women’s Awards
Best and Fairest: Rhyan Johnson
Coach’s Award: Corie Hou 
Most Improved: Tom Mulvey 
Nationals MVP: Rachel Blum
Rookie of the Year: Rachel Blum
Defender of the Year: Lateah Holmes
Most Courageous: Dominique Gaudyn​​​​​​​
Leading Goal Kicker: Amanda Boe


Best and Fairest - Lucas Johnson
Rookie of the Year - Andy Gray
Most Improved - Mark Politz
Coach's Award: Eric Monroe
​​​​​​​'Pony' Award: Lucas Johnson

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