2019 USAFL Nationals Divisions Announced

The USAFL is proud to announce the seedings for the six divisions to be contested at the 2019 USAFL National Championships in Sarasota, Florida to be held October 12-13 at the Premier Sports Complex in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.  This year's tournament features 44 teams, representing nearly forty clubs across the USA and Canada.

The divisions were announced live on the USAFL Facebook page on Thursday, September 26th, hosted by USAFL.com's Brian Barrish, USAFL Revolution head coach Tom Ellis, and Portland Sockeyes and USA Liberty player Lauren Skonieczny.

Game schedules and field assignments will be announced soon.  This year the USAFL is proud to team up with GoLive SportsCast and ESPN3 to stream thirty matches over the course of the two days.  Coverage of Cooper's Field and Field 2 begins on Saturday, October 12th at 9am EDT and at 8am EDT on Sunday, October 13th.  ESPN3 will show the Men's Division 1, 2, and 3 Grand Finals, and the Women's Division 1 Grand Final, starting at 1pm EDT on Sunday the 13th.

Note that the information is subject to change.

Men's Divisions = 8 teams, two pools of four teams each.  After pool play, the winners advance to the Grand Final.
Women's Divisions = 6 teams, two pools of three teams each.  After pool play, the top two advance to the semifinals; the third place teams play a consolation match.


# Pool A Pool B
1 Austin Crows Golden Gate Roos
2 Los Angeles Dragons Denver Bulldogs
3 Quebec Saints New York Magpies
4 Seattle Grizzlies Minnesota Freeze


# Pool A Pool B
1 San Francisco Iron Maidens Minnesota Freeze
2 Seattle Grizzlies New York Magpies
3 Denver Lady Bulldogs Portland Sockeyes


# Pool A Pool B
1 San Diego Lions Portland Steelheads
2 Houston Lonestars Orange County Giants
3 Philadelphia Hawks Dallas Dingoes
4 Nashville Kangaroos Baltimore Dockers


# Pool A Pool B
1 TEXAS HEAT/AZ Outlaws/Atlanta SACRAMENTO SUNS/New York*/Wisconsin
2 DC EAGLES/Des Moines PHILADELPHIA HAWKS/AZ Hawks/Baltimore/Boston
3 CHICAGO SWANS/Montreal/Los Angeles COLUMBUS CATS/Nashville/North Star/Tampa Bay

*Denotes Reserves


# Pool A Pool B
1 Austin Crows Reserves* Denver Bulldogs Reserves*
2 Boston Demons/Maine Cats Columbus Cats
3 Arizona Outlaws Chicago Swans/San Diego*
4 Sacramento Suns Oklahoma FC Okies

*Denotes reserves


# Pool A Pool B
1 Ohio Valley/Arizona Hawks DC Eagles/RVA Lions
2 North Carolina Tigers/Golden Gate* Des Moines Roosters/Seattle*
3 Ft. Lauderdale/Tampa Bay Atlanta/Savannah/Jacksonville
4 Baltimore*/Quebec* Houston*/Minnesota*/Baton Rouge

*Denotes reserves

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