2019 USAFL Nationals Logo Unveiled

When one thinks of Florida, one thinks of the exotic tropical elements that makes it a world famous destination.

The sun, the surf, the beach, the flora and fauna that distinguishes it from everywhere else on the planet.

For one weekend in October, Australian Rules Football will be a part of that landscape.  And this year’s Nationals logo captures it in its full glory.

The 2019 USAFL Nationals logo, featuring flamingos and palm trees as goal posts, with the sun and a seagull at its center, was designed by Dan Milbourne of Bunyip Collective.

Milbourne is no stranger to those on the East Coast and in the league’s hinterlands, for he has been a coach and keystone for the Philadelphia Hawks since 2003.  Off of the field, he is an accomplished designer, crafting the official event and Mateship shirts at last year’s Nationals in Wisconsin, as well as Australian-centric designs for the Hawks.

Dan Milbourne, originally from Wodonga, Victoria, recently launched his new endeavor, The Bunyip Collective, an edgy Creative Studio, located just outside of Philadelphia, Pa.  Outside of the USAFL, Dan and his team work with diverse clients, ranging from cafes, salons, distilleries, and even indoor competitive axe throwing venues.

To find out more about what Dan and The Bunyip Collective can do for you and your business or club, check out www.bunyipcollective.com.

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