Revos Coach Game One Thoughts

A conversation between USA Revolution Head Coach Matt Bishop and USAFL personality ‘Scoota’ Matheson after the Revo’s big win over Finland.

Matheson: “Good win today by the Revolution mate, 178 points.  Were you pleased with the win?”

Bishop: “It was actually great to have a game; it’s been six months in terms of building, so it’s been fantastic to get the boys together to actually have a run.  We expected some rust but I think the boys started well and probably exceeded expectations.  As the game wore on the probably fell away from the gameplan here and there but in some ways that’s a good thing too, so we’ve got some things to work on.  Overall we achieved what we wanted to and got a win, so that was great.”

M: “Anything in particular, ahead of Wednesday’s game against Canada, that you want to work on?”

B: “Oh look, we know we’ve got to bring another level to Canada.  They’re going to push us hard.  They always have pushed us hard and so we’ve just got to step it up to the next level.  The chinks in the armor we saw in this game, we’ve obviously got to try and eliminate them.”

M: “We’re watching New Zealand now and, not looking too far ahead, but Saturday’s a big game against the Kiwis.  What do you see here in this game that you can exploit against them on Saturday?”

B: “Yeah, not sure we’ve got too many answers just yet.  But, it is great to see them out there running around.  They’re obviously a pretty professional unit.  They approach the game probably as good as anyone does at this tournament and they have some great support staff.  You know, (St. Kilda assistant coach) Paul Hudson’s over there with them…”

M: “Bit of a step down from yourself there mate…”

B: “Yeah exactly, so you know, these guys are very physical and obviously very athletic.  They’ve got some real discipline about them as well.  They’ve obviously got a plan here and there, so we’re going to have to have good, hard think about it and see if we can exploit any weaknesses they might have.  I certainly don’t see too much yet.”

M: “Cheers mate, I appreciate your time.” 

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