Andi Williams Makes USAFL East History

In late December, the Boston Demons Australian Football Club held their Annual General Meeting and made history as they elected the first female Club President, Andi Williams, for the eastern region.

Andi became involved in the Boston Demons Club in 2011 joining Lady Demons’ founder Jen Vogel as the second player for Boston women.  Her involvement off the field has grown over the years beginning with her role as the Social and Sponsorship Coordinator on the Demons’ Board in 2012. She has been essential to the Demons’ successful recruiting efforts, special events, and club cohesion since joining the team. For Andi, vieing for the role of club President seemed like the logical next step after a successful year in the Vice President position during the 2013 season.

In a sports community where every Club President position had been held by a male, Andi faced a challenge in winning the position and altering the cultural norm in the United States. After hearing about a woman in Australia who became the President of her local club, Andi decided to go for it. “The face of footy clubs all over the world is changing,”  she said. It might as well include a female President in the States.

USAFL East Coast Vice President and longtime Boston Demon, Michael Sheppard, commented on William’s appointment saying, “This is a very exciting time for the growth of Women’s footy. We see Andi as part of that growth with her even-keeled demeanor and positive attitude.” Williams views her new role in the club as an honor. She hopes to not only live up to the club’s expectations, but to exceed them. USAFL Women’s Coordinator and Board Secretary Andrea Casillas believes that Williams is fit for the task. Casillas said, “In a sport dominated by men, it is refreshing to see that passion for the game is the equalizer. There is no doubt Andi’s passion for growing the game will result in a successful season for the entire Boston team.”

When asked about what we can look forward to this season for the Demons, Andi said, “We're ready to have some fun, create fresh bonds, and grow the club and the game organically, the way it was happening in the early days of AFL in the US. I'm excited for what this year holds for the Boston Demons.”

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