Administrator's Conference

Dublin Community Rec Center
5600 Post Rd
Dublin, OH 43017

Administrator's Conference Proposed Agenda

  • President’s Address
  • USAFL Vision
    • Where we’re headed and the steps we need to take to get there.
  • Regional Tournaments Discussion
    • Ways to continue the growth of these tournaments
    • Location - bids by local teams working with cities
    • How you can get help to pay for your hosting costs
    • Time of the year
    • Bigger impact on Nationals seedings
    • Qualification
  • Season structure Debate
    • Reasons to change
    • Reasons to keep current structure
  • Development Grant
    • Goals
    • Requirements
  • College Development
    • Why its so important to our Development
    • Strategy
    • Proposed Tournaments
  • Best Practices
    • Starting up a club - the do’s and don'ts
    • Fundraisers - some ideas to help your club raise valuable $
    • Player retention - how to keep current players playing and ex-players involved
    • Social events
  • Freedom
    • International Cup summary
    • Outline of next 3 years
    • Process for new interested players
    • Women’s footy
  • Revolution
    • International Cup Summary
    • Outline of next 3 years
    • Process for new interested players
  • Future Nationals Bids
  • Exchange program
    • USAFL players to Australia
    • Australian players to the USAFL - player visa
    • AFL Development officers to USA
  • Registration
    • The key driver to all our aspirations
  • Constitutional changes vote

The AGM will immediately follow the Administrator’s conference beginning at 4pm sharp.

Subject to change.

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