2013 Baltimore Washington Eagles Exemption Request for Rob Stankovic

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Rob Stankovic
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Eligibility Points
Robert Stankovic, Michael Fay, Robert Brunton and Greg Box are long time members of the Baltimore Washington DC Eagles Australian Football Club. Now fondly referred to as “the alumni” of the club, between them they have 25 years of membership and service to the club. All with the exception of Robert Stankovic are aged over 40. Rob Stankovic has been with the Eagles for five years, and has played in two national tournaments with the club. Due to a very busy work and family schedule he has been very limited in his role on the field with the Eagles this season. He is an active social member of the club and is instrumental in the development of club activities and events. Rob is seeking exemption to play with the division 4 side along with the other Eagles alums. These four alumni have attended some BWDC games this year but due to family and business commitments will not satisfy the 6 point eligibility requirements. All four players are seeking to play in the Division 4 Eagles team. Your favorable consideration of this application would be appreciated. If you require additional information please contact Bryan Blake bblake@ncst.com or Matthew Byrne at mbyrne@imf.org or a member of the BWDC Board.
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Division IV
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