Letter from the President | September 2013

What is perhaps the most important component to conducting an Aussies Rules game? Umpiring! Over the past few years, Umpire Director Jeff Persson has been hard at work, conducting clinics across the country. While Jeff is known for many things, such as his beard (where did it go?) and handing out yellow cards, he should be commended for his passion for officiating and helping develop the game across the country. A long term goal of the USAFL is to have an accredited umpire at each USAFL game and we are headed towards that milestone as last year over 100 people attended clinics. The USAFL is also aiming to send 5 umpires to the International Cup 2014. If interested, you could earn the Umpire Scholarship that supports your involvement for the trip.

Did you know?

  • Umpires are paid at Nationals (if you are accredited, you are paid more)
  • Umpires will be paid at the Western Regional Tournament
  • Attending a USAFL Umpire clinic is free
  • Umpiring information is available at https://usafl.com/umpiring

Why should you umpire?

  • It helps pay for footy trips
  • It helps you learn the game
  • It makes you a better player
  • It creates opportunities

How can you get involved?

It is simple…email Jeff at umpiredirector@usafl.com and register for the upcoming Umpires Clinic on the Friday at Nationals.

Umpires are also needed for the September Western Regional Tournament in Reno and will be paid – please contact Jon Mills at millsjw@aol.com if interested.

While you may not appreciate umpires during your match, they are just as passionate as you are and are critical to the continuing development of the game.  A big thank you to their commitment! 

As always, thank you to your commitment in growing Australian football in the US. I welcome feedback, questions, or thoughts, shoot me an email at president@usafl.com.

Andy Vanica, President

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