Letter from the President | November 2012

Another season in the books! As I look back, the USAFL accomplished great things this year and I am very proud of all those involved.

During the year we achieved a number of big milestones, including successfully completing a Texas State Grant which refunded a large portion of the expenses from the 2011 Nationals. We conducted strategic meetings with AFL International Development Manager Tony Woods, two USAFL players competed with the World XVIII Team, we filed our annual tax forms and transitioned to a new League Treasurer, a 5-year Strategic Plan was set up, and we also conducted multiple umpires clinics across the country.

A number of successful USAFL driven events also took place this year, the 49th Parallel Cup, the AFL Los Angeles Combine, and the National Tournament, which was headlined by a 15th Anniversary Alumni match (Masters vs. Legends) on the Sunday afternoon.

The Executive Board has worked hard to streamline processes as we strive to create a more professional and efficient organization positioned for growth.

Before we go into our off-season break, I’d like to acknowledge the people behind the League who keep the machine rolling. 

  • To the Executive Board, thank you for your time and leadership. We say goodbye to Dan Sarbacker, who will move to a Strategic Development and Partnership role, and welcome Andrew “Tiger” Werner as the Vice President Central.
  • Kathryn Hogg, a big thank you for the continued website development, a massive task that you have embraced.
  • After many years in the League, Adam Coleman stepped down as Treasurer – Adam, thank you for your guidance, oversight, and professionalism in the transition – new comer Keith Nelson seamlessly stepped into the financial role and I know the League is in good hands with his background and diligence. Long time League Accountant Horatio Guiterrez maintains the books in a very strict manner – we need that and thank you!
  • VP’s Mike Sheppard and Brandon Blankenship, thank you for the work in your regions, Nationals, and your vision for the future.
  • To Secretary and Women’s Program Coordinator Andrea Casillas, your work in development continues to pave the path for future footballers. 
  • Communications Manager Amy Bishop, thank you for your hard work in maintaining the memories. 
  • Umpire Director Jeff Persson – your hard work has already created a new slew of whistle blowers! 
  • Revolution Coach Matt Bishop and Freedom Coach Leigh Barnes, the results of the 49th Cup are the result of your efforts.  
  • National Tournament Director Rich Mann, another great weekend in the books.
  • Junior Director Denis Ryan, congrats on the Hall of Fame induction, a great honor!
  • Finally, the glue that keeps the league together, Operations Manager Doren James. His endless effort touches all aspects of the League and we surely would not be the same without his participation. 

The Executive Board will continue to work throughout the winter months. We look forward to planning for the 2013 season! As always, thank you to your commitment in growing Australian football in the US. I welcome feedback, questions, or thoughts. Shoot me an email at president@usafl.com or follow me on Twitter @usrevo4.

Andy Vanica, President
president@usafl.com | @usrevo4

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