Kickin' with Klatt: The One the Day Before

Well, tomorrow is the big day. It hadn't really hit me yet - so far, it's just felt like an awesome vacation. The realization hit me like a truck tonight though, as I was packing up for the morning. 
It's been an interesting few days so far. By some miracle, I ended up on the aisle with an empty middle seat on the flight, so I was able to stretch out a bit and sleep. Bondi beach was first on the list for Friday. My dad traveled from Virginia and met me in Sydney, to give me some parental support and get a bit of a holiday for himself, so he and I had a great beach walk that first day.

Today, Kim and I donned our USA Freedom jumpers and headed to Blacktown International Sportspark for the AFL NAB Challenge game (basically the AFL version of preseason) to watch the Sydney Swans play the Port Adelaide Power. I have never seen any AFL live, and my dad hasn't watched it much on TV, so that alone was exciting. But to make it even more crazy awesome, we were accompanied by Libby Sadler, the NSW Female Programs Manager, and none other than Daisy Pearce, the Melbourne Demons captain and the face of women's footy. 

When I arrived, I found out that I would be interviewing at half time LIVE on Fox Footy with Daisy. That was news to me! I was mentally relieved I had decided to wear makeup that day, but also hoping I didn't say any stupid sh*t, since I hadn't prepared for it. Turns out the reporter interviewing us was Alastair Lynch, former Brisbane star. He was pretty amazed that an American woman even knew of footy, let alone was interested in giving it a go at the Talent Search. Luckily my part in the interview was short - I haven't seen it yet, so we'll see if I managed to stuff it up somehow in the short time I was talking. 

During the time Kim and I spent with Daisy and Libby, we talked a lot about the outlook of women's footy. The announcement just came out, while I was here, confirming that there would be 8 teams in the national women's competition set to begin next year. Daisy is very encouraged about the talent they have coming through, and the growth of footy as a whole for youth teams coming up through the system as well. All exciting things going into a big year ahead for women in footy. Daisy and Libby couldn't have been more welcoming to us, and they seemed pretty excited about the international potential out there - hopefully Kim and I are opening the door for other American women who may one day be interested. 

Time to try to get some sleep. If you could be thinking positive thoughts for Kim and I, that would be great. My next blog post will be up as soon as I have time in the next few days, and I will of course share how it all went. I also plan on compiling all the information I've learned about the outlook of this women's competition to share with you. 

Time to prove that Americans got game too. 

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