Letter from the President | May 2012

Nashville Kangaroos win the 2012 John Harrell Memorial CupANZAC Day unofficially marks the beginning of the football season in the US with the annual New York-Boston match, the John Harrell Cup in Louisville (picture left: Nashville Kangaroos win the 2012 John Harrell Memorial Cup), metro seasons in the west, and a full slate of AFL action every weekend.  It certainly is a great time of the year!

As USAFL members, every player has the right to participate in the representative teams. The Revolution conduct their annual camp this spring (Atlanta) while the Freedom are preparing for their June camp (Minneapolis). Both teams performed extremely well on the world stage at the International Cup and will continue their preparation for the 49th Parallel Cup this August. 

USA Revolution 2011 Training CampThe Revolution travel to Atlanta this Memorial Day. While the camp is invite only, any interested players should raise their hand and have their coach contact Matt Bishop

The International Cup 2014 is 2 years away and the process continues during this period. I am thankful for fellow teammates that encouraged me to participate even though I had only been playing the game for less than six months.  Don’t be shy!

USA Freedom Coaching StaffThe Freedom camp is in Minneapolis on June 23rd and all interested players should contact Freedom Coach, Leigh Barnes or Women’s Development Coordinator, Drea Casillas.  Says Casillas, “We encourage all women who are interested to make the trip. Representing your country is an honor and a great experience.” 

Another league program available to its members are the umpire clinics, run by director Jeff Persson. After a successful SoCal May camp, Jeff is coaching the next wave of umpires in Atlanta at the DUF Festival.  If you are interested in becoming an umpire or simply want to learn the rules (great for all players), please contact Jeff.

The league is working hard to provide growth options for both teams and individual players. Get involved!  As always, thank you to your commitment in growing the sport in the US. I welcome feedback, questions, or thoughts. 

Andy Vanica, President

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