2005 International Cup

The Revolution defeated Ireland in a play off for 3rd place after they finished 4th in round play with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. James Brunmeier of the Milwaukee Bombers and Donnie Lucero of the Orange County Bombers were selected in the 2005 International Team.

Placing Country
1st New Zealand
2nd Papua New Guinea
3rd USA
4th Ireland
5th Samoa
6th Great Britain
7th Canada
8th South Africa
9th Japan
10th Spain

In the final for the International Cup New Zealand defeated Papua New Guinea 7.8.50 to 5.2.32.

Coaching staff for 2005 International Cup:
Head Coach: Alan Nugent
Team Manager: Greg Narleski
Chairman of Selectors: Rob Oliver
Assistant Coach: Steven Carroll
Assistant Coach: Richard Mann
Video Assistant Coach: Alan McConnell
Head trainer: Steve Budrick
Physiotherapist: Craig Hibbert
Trainer: Tony Lachmond


Game 1
Opponent: South Africa
Date: 3 August 2005
Location: Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 9.8.62
South Africa 4.10.34
Goals: D. Jones (2), B. Pope (2), C. Carroll (2), F. Bradley, G. Lakomy, D. Walker
Best: D. Lucero, B. Pope, K. Stranski, D. Jones, F. Bradley, G. Lakomy

Game 2
Opponent: Ireland
Date: 5 August 2005
Location: Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 2.5.17
Ireland 1.7.13
Goals: D. Thurmond (1), G. Lakomy (1)
Best: J. Muller, C. Ellis, F. Bradley, D. Butler, B. Beilfuss, James Brunmeier

Game 3
Opponent: Spain
Date: 7 August 2005
Location: Teac & Optus Ovals, Melbourne, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 5.11.41
Spain 2.0.12
Goals: M. Dainauski (2), J. Purcell, G. Lakomy, R. Lutostanski
Best: M. Curry, C. Carroll, M. Dainauski, J. Loring, J. Meuller

Game 4
Opponent: Papua New Guinea
Date: 9 August 2005
Location: Wangaratta, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 7.4.46
PNG 7.5.47
Goals: J. Brunmeier (3), G. Lakomy (2), B. Blankenship, J. Purcell
Best: J. Brunmeier, K. Strenski, C. Carroll, C. Ellis, J. Meuller, D. Lucero

Ladder After Round 4

Team Win Loss %
New Zealand 4 0 582
PNG 4 0 160
Ireland 3 1 296
USA 3 1 155
Samoa 2 2 93
South Africa 2 2 92
Japan 1 3 72
Great Britain 1 3 32
Canada 0 4 80
Spain 0 4 14

Game 5 – Semi-Finals
Opponent: New Zealand
Date: 11 August 2005
Location: Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 5.2.32
New Zealand 10.4.64
Goals: J. Meuller (2), S. Bradley (2), D. Butler
Best: B. Blankenship, D. Butler, K. Strenski, D. Lucero, D. Thurmond, D. Jones

Game 6 – Play off for 3rd
Opponent: Ireland
Date: 13 August 2005
Location: Optus & Teac Ovals, Melbourne, Australia
Final Result: G.P.T
Revolution 10.5.65
Ireland 4.6.30
Goals: D. Jones (4), C. Ellis (2), J. Purcell, M. Curry, J. Loring, D. Thurmond
Best: D. Jones, D. Lucero, J. Brunmeier, C. Ellis, D. Thurmond, A. Nelson

The 2005 American Revolution International Cup squad:
Beilfuss, Bruce: Milwaukee Bombers
Blankenship, Brandon: San Diego Lions
Bradley, Frank: Chicago
Brunmeier, James: Milwaukee Bombers
Brunmeier, Jared: Milwaukee Bombers
Butler, Darrell: St Louis Blues
Carroll, Chris: St Louis Blues
Crist, Ben: Atlanta Kookaburras
Curry, Martin: Orange County Bombers
Dainauski, Matt: Denver Dogs
Ellis, Charlie: Denver Dogs
Ellis, Tom: Denver Dogs
Evon, Earl: Boston Demons
Gambaro, BJ: Atlanta Kookaburras
Jagger, Matt: St Louis Blues
Jones, Dustin: Florida Redbacks
Katstra, Jeff: Boston Demons
Kocka, Dan: St Louis Blues
Lakomy, George: Boston Demons
Lewis, Doug: New York Magpies
Loring, Jon: Philadelphia Hawks
Loring, Josh: Philadelphia Hawks
Lucero, Donnie: Orange County Bombers
Lutostanski, Rob: Phoenix
Mueller, Jay: Phoenix
Nelson Aaron: San Diego Lions
Pope, Brad: Phoenix
Purcell, Jeff: Orange County Bombers
Raisanen, Paul: Milwaukee Bombers
Rinklin, Brad: Boston Demons
Sarbacker, Dan: St Louis Blues
Strenski, Kyle: Cincinnati Dockers
Thurmond, Dave: Orange County Bombers
Vsteska, Dee: Nashville Roos
Walker, David: Nashville Roos

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