2000 CanAm Game

The American Revolution extended their winning record over Canada to 3-0 with a solid 25-point win in a rain-affected match.

Opponent: Canadian Northwind
Location: Centennial Park, Toronto
Date: 30 July 2000

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
G. P G.P G.P G.P.T
USA All-Comers 3. 4 6.9 10.15 15.17.107
Canada All-Comers 4.0 8.1 10.2 13.3.81

2000 CanAm
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Revolution 1.4 4.7 4.10 4.17.41
Northwind 1.2 1.2 2.2 2.4.16

Best on Ground: Kyle Weir
Coaches Award: Charley Ellis
Goals: Matt Dainauski (3), Donnie Lucero (1)

Head Coach: Gary Hill
Captains: Deron Lien & Ron Miller

The Revolution team was made up of 25 American Citizens, representing 13 of the USAFL-affiliated clubs. The team was co-captained by Ron Miller from Chicago (the only player to have played in all three internationals), and Deron Lien from Inland Empire. Both Deron and Ron had been Co-Captains in 1999.

Once the game was underway light drizzle started to fall producing slippery conditions, which continued throughout the game. Despite this the intensity, skill level and commitment of both teams was very high. Both teams scored one goal in the first quarter, the Revolution goal coming from Matt Dainauski. At quarter time the Revolution led 1-4 (10) to 1-2 (8).

The Revolution dominated the second quarter, holding Canada scoreless, and gaining what would be a decisive advantage. Matt Dainauski scored twice, and Donnie Lucero snapped an inspiring bouncing goal from inside the centre square, to give the Revolution a lead of 4-7 (31) to 1-2 (8).

The Canadians fought back in the third quarter posting their second goal for the match to reduce the margin to 20 points, 4-10 (34) to 2-2 (14).

As the rain continued to fall, the Revolution peppered the goals in the final term, scoring 7 further behinds to Canada's 2, to run out 25 point winners 4-17 (41) to 2-4 (16).

The Revolution's win was a great example of an all-round team effort, with every player contributing to the victory, and in trying to list best players, the old adage "all played well" was entirely appropriate. The umpire's award for the Revolution Best-on-Ground went to Kyle Weir for his brilliant half-forward performance, and the Revolution Coaches panel chose Charley Ellis as the Coaches Award recipient for his excellent on-ball effort.

[Insert Photo by Cirsten Paine]

American Revolution
Front row - Tom Ellis (Denver) Josh Loring (Lehigh Valley) Brian Perkins (Seattle) Dustin Jones (Lehigh Valley) Kyle Strenski (Cincinnatti) Lance Van Putten (Nashville)
Second row - Jay Hunter (Baltimore-Washington) Charley Ellis (Denver) Ron Miller (Chicago - co capt) David Thurmond (Orange County) Deron Lien (Inland Empire - co capt) Shawn Danhouser (Chicago) Jon Loring (Lehigh Valley) Cameron Ashe (Baltimore-Washington - assistant coach)
Third row - Gary Hill (Milwaukee - head coach) Jason Becker (Milwaukee) Drew King (North Carolina) Zach Holway (Orange County) Matt Dainauski (Denver) Rob Beyersdorf (Detroit) Jim Baldwin (Denver) Russell Waugh (Denver - assistant coach)
Back row - Paul O'Keeffe (Milwaukee - head of delegation, assistant coach) Justin Todd (Milwaukee) Jon Bacon (Boston) Kyle Weir (Denver) Marty Curry (Inland Empire) Donnie Lucero (Orange County) Chris Olson (Inland Empire) Richard Mann (Denver - assistant coach, runner, trainer)

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