2003 49th Parallel Cup

Opponent: Canadian Northwind
Date: 2 August 2003
Location: South Park Fairgrounds, Library, PA

Revolution v Northwind
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Revolution 2.3 4.7 6.7 9.12.66
Northwind 4.1 6.1 7.7 9.10.64
Revolution C. Perkins (3), G. Lakomy (2), J. Purcell (2), B. Pope (1), Josh Loring (1).
Northwind K. Duffy (5), J. Borysiewicz (1), D. Mcllravey (1), T. Hayward (1) , J. Robinson (1)
Revolution Brunmeier, Lucero, Kocka, Jagger, Pope
Northwind none provided

USAFL Australians v CAFA Australians
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
G. P G.P G.P G.P.T
USAFL Australians 2. 2 2.3 6.4 8.5.53
CAFA Australians 3.2 7.4 11.5 14.7.91

Account by Denis Ryan:

The Revolution defeated the Canadian Northwind in the final minutes of a close, hard fought encounter. The Revolution scored the first and last goals of the game, with the Northwind leading everywhere in between. Surprising the Revolution with their intensity, skill and teamwork, the Northwind came out hard at the beginning of the game and never let up. At the final change, Revolution Coach, Scott Nicholas, implored his charges to make every ball a contest. With the partisan crowd behind them, the Revolution kicked two goals in the final minutes of the game to snatch a 2-point victory from the Northwind.

This is the Revolutions fifth straight win over the Northwind, but was definitely the closest and most exciting game the two rivals have played. Both teams went hard for the ball, and were evenly matched all over the field. The game was decided in the last few minutes, when Revolution Ruckman, Mike Waller, won the center ruck contests with two huge punches forward. On both occasions, Revolution runners were able to pounce on the ball and score unanswered goals winning the game with only seconds left on the clock.

The second game of the afternoon matched the CAFA Australians against the USAFL Australians. Playing some of the best footy ever seen in the U.S., the Canadian Australians were far too good for the USAFL imports. It was an Australian football lesson that was appreciated by all who watched the game. In all, it was a fantastic day of representative football, whetting everyone’s appetite for when the Revolution take on the Balmain Tigers, from the Sydney Football League, in New York in the last week of September.


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