Celebrating the Birth and Growth of the USAFL Women

USAFL Women's 25th Anniversary Gala Version

The USAFL began in 1997. It did not take long for Women to want to get engaged and play the game. The first females played in 2000. The first Women’s game at Nationals was in 2003 and the first Women’s National Trophy was awarded just two years later in 2005. From there the Women’s game has gone from strength the strength.

To celebrate the birth and growth of the Women’s game as part of the USAFL’s 25th Anniversary we are proud to share this video that captures the full story. Not only have women made a mark on the field, but they have also made it in coaching, umpiring and administration.

A special thanks to Rae Hale for putting together the video. And to all the narrators and everyone that contributed photos and footage from over the years.

We look forward to the next 25 years of the Women’s game.