2015 AFL US Combine Comes to the IMG Academy April 26-29

2015 AFL US Combine - IMG Academy April 26-29

The Australian Football League, in cooperation with the USAFL, are pleased to announce the 2015 AFL US Combine, to be held from April 26-29th at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

Over the last several seasons, the combine has been an opportunity for young American athletes to potentially continue their athletic careers after college, in a sport that allows them to use the skill sets they already have.  And, it presents a chance for them to play a professional sport at its highest level in front of throngs of passionate supporters.

Currently, three AFL US Combine graduates are members of AFL Rosters: Eric Wallace (North Melbourne), Jason Holmes (St. Kilda), and Mason Cox (Collingwood).  Who will be the next crop of potential American players in one of the world's greatest games?

Any athletes interested in the combine can e-mail USAFL Operations Manager Doren James for more info.