2014 AFL US Combine

2014 AFL US Combine Promotion

The third US Australian Football League (AFL) Combine will take place in Los Angeles on April 25 - 27 with the hope of discovering the next American athletes who have the potential to succeed at the highest level in AFL football. The previous combines, held over the last 2 years, have led to three former college basketball players signing with AFL clubs in Australia, Eric Wallace with the North Melbourne Kangaroos in 2012, Patrick Mitchell with the Sydney Swans and Jason Holmes with the Saint Kilda Saints, both in 2013.

Conducting the combine from the AFL will be Kevin Sheehan, Talent Manager, Tadgh Kennelly, International Talent Coordinator and Mick Ablett, Academies Development Manager. Providing support from the USAFL will be Denis Ryan, President, Doren James, Operations Manager, Amy Bishop, Communications Manager and Matt Bishop, Revolution Head Coach. Several recruiters from AFL clubs will also be on hand to evaluate the athletes first hand. Approximately fifteen athletes are expected to be invited.

Athlete recruitment is currently open, any interested participants can contact Doren James at operations@usafl.com to learn more. The promotional video provides further details on this great opportunity and displays the caliber of athlete AFL clubs are looking for.