USAFL Anti-harassment Policy

By checking the box in the "USAFL POLICIES" Section of the Player Registration form, I agree to the following:

This organization is committed to maintaining an environment that is free of harassment.

Harassment of any kind is absolutely prohibited.

A member of the USAFL community shall be defined as an Executive Board Member, Portfolio Board member, Contractor, or registered member of the USAFL.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that adversely affects the contractor’s contractual relationship with the USAFL or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for any member of the USAFL community. No USAFL community member has the right or authority to offer any benefits, including, but not limited to, tangible items, whether business-related, such as raises and promotions, or nonbusiness-related, such as gifts, trips, or any other item, in exchange for sexual favors. In the event a member receives an offer in exchange for sexual favors, the member should immediately notify a member of the USAFL Executive Board.

If you experience or observe conduct which you believe is in violation of this policy, you must inform a member of the Executive Board of your concern. The organization will immediately investigate any allegation of harassment, and it will take prompt and effective remedial action to remedy the harassment. To the extent possible, the confidentiality of both the complaining party and the harasser will be protected during the investigation process. At the conclusion of the investigation, the complaining party will be informed about the conclusions of the investigation, as well as an opportunity to discuss future procedures.

Harassment will not be tolerated, and if the investigation substantiates that illegal harassment has occurred, the offending person shall be disciplined appropriately. The USAFL will contact appropriate authorities and the offending person shall be disciplined as those authorities see fit. USAFL community members who make false or misleading accusations or statements in the course of an investigation under this policy will be turned over to legal authorities.

The Executive Board members contact information is as follows:

Specific contact information (name and phone number) can be accessed in the USAFL Officers and Director’s Contact Information.

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