Jenny "Sarbs" Sarbacker

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Mid Field
USA Team: 
Jennifer Stiklestad

Sarbacker played Soccer for Ashland University where they were GLIAC Champions for three years and went to various stages of the NCAA Tourney. In 2005, when Milwaukee was hosting the National Championship, Sarbacker's brother Dan (pictured) volunteered her to play for the Atlanta Kookaburras. "I get a phone call from my brother asking if I was coming to Nationals which happened to be in Milwaukee that year and a short drive from Madison for me. Well, I told him "of course, I'd love to come watch you play!" He response was, "no, actually you're going to play." Apparently when the Atlanta girls inquired if he knew of any girls that might be interested in playing he told them, "well my sister has never played before but she's athletic, she'll play with you." Sarbacker has not looked back, leading Atlanta to three championships and being named captain of the Freedom in their first tour to Australia. Her brother Dan "Sars" Sarbacker will be the assistant coach of the USA Freedom. (Written by Chris Adams)

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