Nana Coleman

Nana has been involved with the USAFL since 2015 when he joined the Des Moines Roosters after looking to get back into team sports. 

Nana has been on the Des Moines Roosters board for four of his six years with the club in various roles including VP, Treasurer and the last two years as President.  He has been a key organiser of the popular 80/35 tournament held in Des Moines every May providing tournament football to mid-west teams.

Nana was a member of the USAFL’s Development Committee in 2018.

Nana has come onto the Executive Board in 2021 looking to help the league get through 2021 as we hopefully progress through the pandemic.  He is interested in recruitment and continuing to grow ideas around club culture development – particularly for clubs in small markets.

Nana considers himself as a fairweather AFL observer, keeping an eye on Port Adelaide and Fremantle.

Nanabayin Coleman
YearUSAFL RolePositionResignedGrade
2021 to 2022
Member at Large
Execute Board Member
Watch AFL