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I may have missed out on the Minnesota Freeze D3 victory last year in Milwaukee, but I have been working hard to continue the success of my home team for my new team in Japan. Yesterday my team, the Kinki Kangaroos played the Tokyo Goannas (Kinki is the Japanese state I'm in) while Tokyo is an established team in Japan with 20 years of history. In fact one of their players was recently asked to play for Essendon. They have been the best team in Japan since footy has been played here.

Yesterday we played Tokyo for the Godika Cup. The Godika Cup was established to pit the best of Tokyo against the best of Osaka. For the last two years, the cup has been sitting in Tokyo, but yesterday it came home to Osaka. The Goannas may have had a team of Champions, but yesterday they lost to a Champion Team. Final scores were Kinki Kangaroos 7-3 (45) Tokyo Goannas 5-8 (38). We played our hearts out, took an early lead and never looked back.

Playing with the wind on a man-made sports island in the heart of Osaka, we came out strong and determined and got off to an early lead with 5 goals in the first half.  Last year the Osaka team (the Osaka Dingoes) lost to the same Tokyo team by 10 goals and the Tokyo team came into the game expecting the same result. It was the first year the Kinki Kangaroos showed Tokyo what a determined bunch of teammates can do.

Congratulations to the entire Kinki Kangaroo for a great team victory. Thanks also to the Kinki supporters and to the Tokyo team for making the long trip down.

- Mike Staffa

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