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2006 Training Camp and Season Kick-off
The inaugural, and hopefully, annual Eagles Training Camp will be held on April 1. This event is a wonderful opportunity to kick-off the season with a bang, make new friends and strengthen the friendships made in 2005.
We have a big year ahead with some very challenging road trips, a full social calendar, all culminating in hopefully a successful Nationals campaign in Las Vegas.
We want to encourage all partners to attend the weekend, because we all know their support, patience and understanding is vital to the Eagles success.
The Training Camp will include:
• An introduction to Recreational AFL, a non-contact version of the game that we think will be a good avenue to attract the interest of ladies and Americans in general and increase their understanding of the game.
• Team building activities for players and partners
• Ladies Wine and Cheese afternoon
• Metro game – Grand Final replay
• Season kick-off party at Mick & Stacy Dunne’s
The Club Champion Award will also be introduced at the Training Camp. The award is an opportunity for players that are not necessarily the best but give the most to the club on and off the field to shine.
Points will be awarded for all good deeds and subtracted for all bad ones. The Eagles Training Camp is a perfect opportunity to start tallying points toward the grand prize that will be presented at the end of the year. So I encourage all players to attend as your participation at all trainings, games and social events will count toward the amount of game time you see in 2006.
A huge thanks to Mick and Stacy Dunne for hosting this event… it is truly appreciated.

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- Robert Brunton

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