SCAFL Season Kicks Off

Round 1 of the SCAFL season kicks off this Saturday March 11 in Riverside, bounce down is 11am sharp. The venue is Central Middle School, 4795 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92506.

The first game is LA v IE followed by OC v Raiders, games will be 4W15 min quarters. All teams need to be there by 10:30am latest to assist with set-up and umpiring duties.

The full season's schedule will be posted shortly, but basically games will be played every 2 weeks starting this weekend. The season will run it's full course without interruption ending with the finals in June. This is significantly different to the preliminary schedule that was handed out in LA in January. That schedule had the SCAFL season broken up by Regional games and tournaments, but it has since been decided to run the season in it's entirety before moving on to the tournaments and 18 a side games.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the SCAFL season, be it as a player, supporter or administrator. Good luck to all teams as we move into a new and exciting era in Southern California footy.

- Chris McNeil

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