Aussies vs Revos writeup

USA Revolution VS Aussie All-Comers
Los Angeles/UCLA Campus


 The USA Revolution, after many years of effort finally played a curtain raiser to an AFL game at UCLA.  The hard work of so many over the year’s has paid off.  I think that looked back on in the next few years this will be the catalyst of what is to come.

 I personally want to thank the Aussie side for coming and playing with such fire and sportsmanship.  I also want to thank the Revolution Players that came out.  They really did an outstanding job.  The score was not what we wanted but I was thrilled with the effort.

 We started the weekend off with a run with the AFL Champion Team the Sydney Swans.   Words cannot express the feeling we all had to be able to run thru drills with some of the greatest players of the age.  To have Coach Roos going over and explaining things and giving instruction was outstanding.  Something I know I will never forget. 

 When the rain came and ran us off the field we waited patiently for the Roo’s to come out and walk thru some drills with us and let us all ask questions.  I personally spent my time with the coaching staff and talked footy.  The thing that will really stick with me was how gracious the player’s and coaches were to everyone.  They were willing to talk to us and answer any questions we had.  They are ambassador’s to the game and the AFL should be very proud of the men they have playing this game.

 When back at the Hotel we had a great lunch thanks to the Orange County boys and sat with Dr. Aylett and Coach Barassi.  They talked and we listened.  What an honor it was to be treated with such respect from these men.  I really loved listening to Barassi and hearing all his thoughts.  I hope more of our players get the opportunity to get the same honor.

 After all that we got down to business and started working on our game plan.

 Sunday came with plenty of Sunshine and the boys were ready to go.  During our warm ups you could sense the players were fired up and ready to go.  During all this I got the chance to talk with Adam Goode and chat about footy. 

 The teams were called to the middle of the field and the Captains met at the Center.  Donnie Lucero for the Revolution, Cameron O’Brien for the Aussies.
The Aussie won the toss and took the wind.  The Rev’s know that the first quarter is crucial to play tight defense with a gusting wind at the Aussies back.   Mike LaValley, first time player, surprised the Aussies in the Ruck and dominated the taps.  Tough play from our back line players let the Aussies know that this game was for real.  Dustin Jones started the scoring with a quick goal from a ball on the ground.  When the first quarter ended the score was close.  No quarter break so we just kept playing.  When the half ended the Revolution was down but not by much.   We took a quick 5 minutes and got right into it.  In the end the Aussies skills were to much and they pulled away with a win.

 On the day the Revolution had 12 players that had went to the 2nd International Cup.  That meant we had 18 players that were not on that squad.  We had some old Rev’s come back and play well including Chris Candelaria and Deron Lein.  We had some first time players in Andrew Lamont and Brandon Gumbert that made some people take notice of their game. 

 I want to thank Matt Dainauski for being my assistant and Jason Becker as our runner.  I want to thank the women players for coming out and running water.

Aussies 9-11-65
Revolution 4-4-28

Revolution Goals-Dustin Jones, Justin Valley, Frank Bradley and Jeff Purcell
Best Revolution-Charley Ellis, Donnie Lucero, Mike LaValley, Dustin Jones

- Tom Ellis

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