Oldest League in US Announces Season Start

January 21st will mark the opening weekend of the 2006 Arizona Australian Rules Football League, the oldest continuous football league in the US. 

This will mark the 6th season that the AZAFL has been in operation. The AZAFL is the developmental league for the Division I Arizona Hawks. 

This year will see six teams vying for the premiership. Pre-season prognosticators are predicting a hard fought run for the championship.  A large turnover of veteran players and an infusion of young players seeing their first game action; should result in all six teams being viable contenders and parity being the word of the day.    

The AZAFL season will run January to April; consisting of 10 rounds of league play, along with Semis and a Grand Final.

If you are interested in more information about the AZAFL visit: www.azafl.com  or send an e-mail to info@azafl.com

- Troy Anderson

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