National Championship Best & Fairest Vote Count

The votes were tallied and the awards given at the closing ceremony of the Nationals. Now it is your chance to see who garnered the umpires votes.

The Coopers Best and Fairest Medal is given to the highest vote getter in each Division. The USAFL is pleased to have a long-term supporter, dating back to the 2000 Nationals in LA, like Coopers.

The Paul Roos Most Consistent Medal is given to the highest tallying American Player. Paul Roos spent 1999 living in the US, with his American wife Tami. He supported the league and was the first Revolution coach that year. Paul continues to support the USAFL.

In Division 1:
Coopers Best and Fairest: Paul Smith (Milwaukee)
Paul Roos Most Consistent: James Brunmeier (Milwaukee)

In Division 2:
Coopers Best and Fairest: Dustin Jones (Florida)
Paul Roos Most Consistent: Chris Carroll (St Louis), Donnie Lucero (Orange County)

In Division 3:
Coopers Best and Fairest: Sean Patton (New York), Troy Redman (Baton
Paul Roos Most Consistent: Eric Perry (MN), Brady Phillips (KC), Kyle Strenski (Cin), Tony Lotrich-Herrera (Cin), Micky Kleinhemz (BR)

Women's Division
Coopers Best and Fairest: Holly Wenrich (FL), Daniele David (Mil)

In addition the Geoff Cann medal for Best on Ground in the Grand Final was awarded in the Men's Divisions. Geoff was one of the founders of the Cincinnati Dockers and was instrumental in hosting the first Nationals in 1997. He was awarded the first ever BOG in a Nationals Grand Final that year.

Division 1: Mike Levalley, Denver
Division 2: Luke Quick, Golden Gate
Division 3: Eric Perry, Minnesota

The final vote tallies are:
Division 1 Vote Count 
Paul Smith (Mil)   8
James Brunmeier (Mil) 5
No 8 (Dal) 5
Brendon McDonald (SD) 4
Damian Liddell (SD) 4
Chris Candelaria (Den) 4
Jed Farley (Den) 4
Shane Batty (NY) 3
Scott Fairweather (Bos) 3
Bruce Cameron (NY) 3
Grant O'Brien (Den) 3
Mike Levalley (Den) 3
Andrew Stratford (Bos) 2
Jeremy Kurth (SD) 2
Ojas Desai (NY) 2
Jeff Blankmann (SD) 2
Charley Ellis (Den) 2
No 23 (AZ) 2
Rob Luto (AZ) 2
Colin Langley (Mil)  2
D. Lewis (NY) 1
Jamie Gain (Bos) 1
Kym Laube (NY) 1
No 24 (Dal) 1
Jimmy Waddell (Den) 1
Brett Lewis (NY) 1
James Loune (SD) 1

Division 2 Vote Count 
Dustin Jones (Fl) 5
Chris Carroll (StL) 4
Donnie Lucero (OC) 4
Mike Cansella (GG) 4
Jeff Austin (Fl) 3
Denis Ryan (BW) 3
Casey Whife (OC)  3
Pat Miller (Ph) 3
Mark Bartlett (Se) 3
Mark McIlvaine (Ph) 3
Marty Curry (OC) 3
Mel Chen (GG) 3
Chuck Commeree (Se) 3
Maurice Howell (NC) 3
Martin Coventry (Se) 3
Dan Sergatt (StL) 2
Nick Holsman (GG) 2
Beau Fornier (OC) 2
Paul Welsh (Ph) 2
Michael Campbell (Ph) 2
Dwayne Marshall (BW) 2
Mike Lancaster (GG) 1
Darren Barlow (Se) 1
Andrew Donlen (Se) 1
Luke Quirk (GG) 1

Division 3 Vote Count 
Sean Patton (NY) 6
Troy Redman (BR) 6
Eric Perry (MN) 3
Stuart Grills (Van) 3
Matt Seuling (KC) 3
Brady Phillips (KC) 3
Peter Campion (Van) 3
Kyle Strenski (Cin) 3
Tony Lotrich-Herrera (Cin) 3
Jim Trevasos (BR) 3
Micky Kleinhemz (BR) 3
Roscoe Curry (Mn) 2
Ben Steinfeld (Atl/NY) 2
Eric Huss (KC) 2
Troy Macri (BR) 2
Dylan Bryant (NY) 2
Bill Ley (KC) 2
Patrick Choe (KC/L) 2
Ashley Marshall (Van) 2
John Dixon (Van) 2
Shane Devine (Atl/NY) 2
Peter Woeste (Mn) 1
Steve Stampbach (KC) 1
Michael Bruckner (BR) 1
Barry Arnold (Mil) 1
Zach Weaver (Min) 1
Leigh Barnes (GG) 1
Shawn Sadowski (Mil) 1

Women's Division Vote Count 
Holly Wenrich (FL) 5
Daniele David (Mil) 5
Kathryn Hogg (MN) 3
#1 (FL) 3
Nicki Peoples (Atl) 3
Pernille Christensen (Atl) 3
Annie Jones (Atl) 3
Cathy Reinhardt (Atl) 2
Toni (Az) 1
Saiskia Wurche (Atl) 1


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