Letter from Vancouver Cougars

Dear: USAFL Committee and Associated Clubs.

On behalf of the Vancouver Football Club, I would like to thank the USAFL, the Milwaukee Football Club and all its associated clubs for inviting us to participate in your national tournament. It was a tremendously successful weekend for our club and a great experience for our players, and one that was enjoyed by all. 

We would like to express our special thanks to the USAFL committee and Matt Muller of the Seattle Football Club for making this all happen, and to the Canadian AFL for allowing it to happen.

To the hard working Julie Upton, without your help over the last few weeks we would never have got to Milwaukee.

Thanks to Brian Green for allowing two members of our club, Aaron Broughton and myself to centre umpire in the tournament. It was a great experience and one that I hope to do again in future national events.

We hope that our club will be considered as a participant for 2006 nationals, as our club is already looking forward to it.

Once again thanks for an excellent weekend.

Yours truly,

Vancouver Football Club
Peter Campion
Committee Member

- Peter Campion

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