Collingwood Magpies Train in SouthWest

The Collingwood Magpies are set to train in the Northern Sonoran Desert from 21 October – 5 November. The training will take place at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. This sports complex utilizes the facilities of Northern Arizona University along with the benefits of high altitude training.
Taking a quick look a this facility it boasts several accomplishments. The Center for High Altitude Training has hosted over 4500 athletes from 39 countries since 1994. Such athletes have won 191 Olympic and Paralympic Medals since 1996. The Center for High Altitude Training partners with the US Olympic Committee to produce a series of Altitude Training Symposia for coaches, athletes, and sport scientists.
The selection of this training site came about with the assistance of Sean Anthony, Assistant Director of the High Altitude Sports Complex. Sean is working with Marc Kleinman of the Collingwood Football Club on training dates and sites. Anthony has also expressed an interest in having the Arizona Hawks come up to view a training session as well as having the Northern Arizona Lumberjack punters and kickers compete against the Pies in a  distance and accuracy competition. The USAFL is working closely with Sean and the Magpies to organize the training day activities and possibly a meal with the team. However, the Magpies are in the Grand Canyon state for one reason and that’s to improve their match play from this year. The USAFL Secretary and President are the contacts for those interested in viewing the training. If you’re interested please contact the secretary at or the President at

- David Payne

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